What if you gave in to the call of gluttony? Whether it's brunch time to start the day off right, lunch time to satiate hungry stomachs, snack time to warm up after an activity, or dinner time to recharge your batteries, there's always a good reason to sit down in winter in one of the restaurants on the Côte 2000.

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In winter, all delicacies are allowed at Cote 2000

At Côte 2000, the restaurants invite you to have a good time. Between visual pleasure and taste pleasure, there is only one step. And this has never been truer than in the restaurants of Côte 2000 in winter. With its 360° view, the panorama is already a spectacular sight.

In the kitchen, invigorating recipes and local specialties satiate hordes of hungry stomachs after busy days. Attached to tradition, the restaurants of the Côte 2000 celebrate in winter local products and ancestral know-how, preciously anchored in the veins of the village. Although restaurants are arming themselves with cheese to face the winter, more traditional dishes also occupy an important place in the gourmet imagination. True hymns to joy and sharing, the conviviality and lively atmosphere can also be savored here without moderation.

Discover Cote 2000 in winter

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