There is undoubtedly no gastronomic territory more marked by topography and the seasons than that of the mountains; a fortiori at Mont d'Arbois where the slopes of the high snow-capped peaks are part of the terroir that inspires chefs. Because in winter, when the temperatures drop and the snowflakes fall, the restaurants of Mont d'Arbois reinvent themselves to offer you cuisine that twists traditions and shines in contrasts. Enjoy your lunch !

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Hotel restaurant

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Restaurants: taste the sweet flavors of winter at Mont d'Arbois

Processed cheese, with its invigorating character and olfactory power, is no longer reserved for traditional tables, popular eateries or even high-altitude restaurants.

In winter at Mont d'Arbois, it comes in all flavors and forms. Raclette with aromatic herbs, tomato fondue or mushroom tartiflettes, these recipes are all generous and delicious and can be tasted not without difficulty at the end of a good day full of activity. A true hymn to conviviality and sharing, the restaurants of Mont d'Arbois transmit much more than flavors, they offer you the pleasure of being seated, with family or friends, on a sunny terrace or by the fireplace.

Historic meeting place for skiers and hikers in winter, the high-altitude restaurants of Mont d'Arbois have become real local institutions where the atmosphere ignites in the afternoon. Sometimes traditional, sometimes festive and sometimes both, the restaurants of Mont d'Arbois are one of those places where the taste buds are delighted and memories are engraved.

Discover Mont d'Arbois in winter
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