Experienced cross-country skiers, fans of the classic style or loyal skaters, all find themselves in the Nordic area of ​​Megève. Perched on the heights of Megève, the cross-country ski trails criss-cross between sunny plateaus, immaculate fields and snow-covered forests. Whether you like contemplative cross-country skiing, healthy cross-country skiing, playful cross-country skiing or sports cross-country skiing, you are bound to find the Nordic track of your dreams in Megève.

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Venture into the Nordic area of ​​La Livraz

Preciously nestled behind the Mont d'Arbois, a few minutes from the center of the village, accessible by car or free Meg'bus, the Nordic area of ​​La Livraz is attractive in more ways than one. Wrapped in an exceptional setting under the Aiguilles Croches and the Cote 2000, the site of La Livraz offers many perfectly maintained Nordic trails, suitable for all levels.

Labeled 3 Nordics with 1 star of excellence for the quality of its area, La Livraz meets the 4 main criteria of the label which are the quality of the ski area, the diversity of activities, sustainable development and the quality of services offered by the resort. .

Introduction to biathlon, toboggan runs, hikes on marked trails, sled dogs... In addition to its mythical Nordic tracks which crisscross between sunny plateaus, immaculate fields and snowy forests, the Nordic area of ​​La Livraz offers a wide range of activities for all. those who also wish to enjoy the pleasures of the snow without necessarily having cross-country skis on their feet!

Although one comes to La Livraz for the pleasure of sport, the spectacle of its major international competitions or the tranquility offered by its bleached nature, one returns there without a doubt for the masterful beauty of the surrounding peaks and its unprecedented conviviality. .


Discover the different cross-country ski trails in Megève

In the heart of Megève's nature, lovers of the classic style, experienced cross-country skiers and skating professionals meet to slide on more than 45 kilometers of marked and marked trails. From initiation to very technical slopes, from sporty climbs to fun descents, from sunny plateaus to snowy forests, all cross-country skiers find what they are looking for in Megève.

  • La Livraz-Cote 2000: 18 km of slopes
  • Mont d'Arbois – Encraty: 10 km of slopes
  • Le Bettex – St Nicolas de Véroce: 15 km (groomed link route)
  • Odier – Plain of Arly: 5 km
© Simon GARNIER – Municipality of Megève

Find the perfect slope in Megève!

Nature destination par excellence, Megève is the ideal resort for cross-country skiing. Playful, contemplative, invigorating or initiatory course, the choice is yours! Whether you are a curious beginner, a skating enthusiast, a follower of the classic style or a seasoned cross-country skier, you will inevitably find what you are looking for with its many perfectly maintained trails.


Intended for young and old alike, the La Livraz area is a 100% pleasure destination. Moguls and springboards make it a paradise for teenagers and thrill seekers, while the gentle slopes of this semi-enclosed site make it the kingdom of families and children, who can gently learn the first sensations of cross-country skiing. .


With its rather steep drops and technical bends, the Javen loop seduces all those for whom sport rhymes with challenge and surpassing oneself. A technical bubble with, as a reward, very pretty views of Lake Javen, Mont d'Arbois and Mont-Blanc!


The slopes of Planay-Planellet often reserve beautiful surprises for nature lovers: a chamois or a deer coming out of a bend, the flight of a bird of prey close to the fir trees... A real haven of peace where only the rustling of the torrent breaks the silence in this preserved space isolated from the dwellings. A bubble of nature to recharge your batteries and find yourself with yourself.


Breaking away from everyday life, venturing off the beaten track, discovering new horizons... Introduction to biathlon on the La Livraz site, intended for the youngest as well as adults, is an activity offered by the Nordic ski school. It offers a very playful first approach to a sport that enjoys growing popularity. An excellent opportunity to share, with family or friends, an incredible activity in the heart of nature!


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