A star of winter sports, ski touring has been a must for a few years now as an essential activity for holidays in the mountains. Skis on your feet, helmet on your head and poles in your hands, take on the Megève mountains accompanied by state-certified professionals and enjoy the freedom of slaloming between snow-covered fir trees and immaculate mountain pastures.

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Ski touring: beauty & freedom

Do you dream of exploring the Megève mountains, discovering beauty, freedom and adventure on ski touring? To get away from the groomed slopes to explore immaculate mountain pastures, far from the crowds, the ski lifts and the noise? To hike between the snow-covered fir trees where wild animals and grandiose panoramas intermingle? What if it was possible in Megève? Thanks to our state-certified ski instructors and mountain guides, learning to ski touring has never been so easy!

Private lessons, day commitment, discovery course, free rando private lessons, initiation day, advanced course, experience under the stars... In Megève, our mountain professionals offer you a whole range of ski touring activities. Designed to develop your techniques, improve your performance, teach safety instructions or simply explore the Megève mountains in complete serenity, our instructors and guides will accompany you in achieving your goals, whether sporting, fun or contemplative.

By the day or half-day, let yourself be guided by our professionals who, experts in the destination, will show you around the most secret nooks and crannies of the ski area. Seal skins under the skis, taste the freedom of slaloming between the snow-covered fir trees and the pleasure of leaving your mark in the immaculate mountain pastures.

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Are you still hesitating to try ski touring? Here are 10 good reasons to try!

  1. Take the time to observe nature, landscapes and wild animals
  2. A practice that takes place in almost any mountain area, more or less close to the ski slopes
  3. An activity that offers an incomparable feeling of freedom
  4. Unlike alpine skiing, ski touring allows you to evolve in virgin spaces, far from the crowds and the ski lifts
  5. Ski touring is a greener activity
  6. It allows you to explore all parts of the ski area and discover secret, well-preserved corners
  7. It is a fun and friendly activity, ideal to practice with family or friends.
  8. A free activity that can be practiced throughout the day and even at night!
  9. Ski touring offers multiple benefits (reduces stress, improves physical performance)
  10. The equipment is light, modern and easy to use

Get well informed to ski safely

  • Ski during the opening hours of the resort (in the morning the slopes have not yet been secured and in the evening the presence of snow groomers using winch cables makes the slopes very dangerous)
  • Favor marked routes: the slopes are secure, rescue services are not far away and the risk of avalanche is very limited
  • Avoid going up the ski slopes as much as possible, prefer marked routes and trails
  • Pay attention to the information signs, whether they concern the marked route, the dangers (descents, bumps, track crossing) or the environment (protected areas with prohibited access)
  • Always carry your safety equipment, i.e. the DVA, shovel and probe set, even on the station's marked routes
  • Before you go, find out about avalanche risks and weather forecasts
  • Choose a route that corresponds to your abilities and allow enough time to complete your hike: do not overestimate yourself
  • Drink, eat and rest regularly
  • Do not blindly follow in the footsteps of others
  • Don't forget, the mountain guides and ski instructors of Megève are at your disposal to accompany you during your ski touring outings.

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