Hardly has the winter snow returned to the mountain pastures their verdant color when hiking and trail running enthusiasts already take to the many marked trails and paths. Nestled in a green setting with rich and varied panoramas, Megève is a real playground where simple amateurs and high-level sportsmen meet to experience unforgettable adventures.

Megève, the beautiful escape

Bordered by three mountain ranges with dense forests, green mountain pastures and crystal clear waters, Megève is the ideal playground for great unforgettable adventures. Equipped with a pair of basketball shoes, a mountain bike or an electric scooter, take on the forests, mountain pastures and undergrowth of Megève by following the many marked trails and trails.

Easily accessible from the center of the village or the ski lifts open during the summer season, the marked routes and trails allow you to survey the Megève peaks in complete safety and enjoy the benefits of the mountains. With more than thirty footpaths and 4 trail and running routes for all ages and all levels, you are bound to find a path that suits you!

For the more adventurous, Megève hosts many cycling events during the summer such as the Megève Mont-Blanc Cycling, the MB Race or the Haute Route. On the running side, the events are not to be outdone with new routes accessible to all, such as the Megève Nature Trail which brings together simple runners and top athletes during a supercharged race.

Bike or mountain bike ride in the mountains of Megève

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