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Meet the singular facets of Megève and let yourself be carried away by this unique energy.

Mont Blanc view

Megeve in autumn

As the Indian summer seems to have given way to the coolness of autumn, the trees are adorned with orange colors. For this new multi-faceted season, Megève invites you to get together with family or friends to recharge your batteries in the great outdoors, during a colorful getaway. Touch… Armed with rain boots,…

Megeve in winter

Wrapped in a soft white veil, Megève appears as if transformed. A true pioneer resort in the practice of winter sports, Megève has become THE snowy destination par excellence. Slide, slalom, explore... See you at the first bend! Touch… Enter the subject. Touch the world around you. Caress the soft woolen scarf knitted by Mamie. The thick…

Megève in spring

When the winter snow disappears in favor of green colors, the mountain pastures gradually come out of their hibernation. In the mountains, the seasonal metamorphosis is a life-size spectacle that we welcome every year with as much wonder. In Megève, while your desire for wide open spaces and the outdoors flourishes, celebrate the season...

Megeve in summer

In Megève, summer is lived to the rhythm of the ringing of bells and the lapping of crystal-clear waters. While the song of the birds heralds the return of hot summer days, the alleys come alive, the terraces fill up and the marked trails are taken. Because throughout the summer, Megève offers you a thousand and one activities...

Accommodation with a view of Mont-Blanc

As soon as you arrive in your accommodation, your gaze turns to the most famous snow colossus, the majestic Mont-Blanc. Culminating at 4 meters above sea level, it imposes itself unreservedly among the Megève landscapes. A unique show that you never get tired of and which, as on the first day, provokes a powerful feeling...

Restaurants with a view of Mont-Blanc

In Megève, your taste buds are close to high gastronomy while your eyes see the high mountains. Because in restaurants with a view of Mont-Blanc, the spectacle can be seen as much on the plate as through the window. Thus, whether they are nestled in the center of the village or clinging to the tops of the mountain pastures, dive into the heart of a real parenthesis...

Mont-Blanc view activities

Megève is one of those privileged places that allow you, from the village to the peaks, to contemplate the majestic Mont-Blanc. A veritable playground for all winter and summer activities, it will not be difficult for you to distinguish the highest and most emblematic peak of the Alps during a sporting activity. With its position as…

More than a resort, Megève is an art of living in its own right. Cradled by the mountains, it is in the heart of the Mont Blanc country that your desires come to life. Choosing Megève for your stay means opting for serenity, comfort and the irresistible desire to never leave.

Enliven your senses in Megève

For a weekend, a few days or forever, Megève seduces and reveals itself to its visitors. The key: 400 kilometers of trails, several summits, sensational activities, breathtaking hikes and an incomparable sweetness of life.

Immerse yourself in this universe so dear to our hearts by browsing our collections, our favorites, our experiences. Cradle of luxury and voluptuousness, Megève remains and will remain your best meeting place.

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