Fly over the roof of Europe, touch the forests with your fingertips, skim over the dizzying peaks... In a hot-air balloon, paraglider, plane or during a baptism in a helicopter, set off to conquer the skies of Megève! Surrounded by grandiose and varied panoramas, fly away to unforgettable experiences thanks to the many aerial activities offered by the village of Megève.

Caress the peaks in Megève

Nestled in the heart of a grandiose panorama, Megève attracts in all seasons for its great diversity of landscapes that are pleasant to contemplate from the village and the peaks, but also from the sky! Although Megève is full of viewpoints, the most beautiful are undoubtedly seen from the sky. In Megève, aerial activities take on another dimension. In the air, the mountains rise up towards the sky, the green of the fir trees contrasts with the eternal snow and the completely bare landscapes offer you a spectacle of infinite beauty.

Whether during a baptism in a helicopter or a light aircraft, the flight over is magical. As soon as you leave the ground, the view of Megève and its surroundings is breathtaking. Then, after only a few minutes in the air, Mont-Blanc, the most beautiful of peaks, is revealed, as majestic as it is grandiose. Suspended in the air aboard a hot-air balloon or under a paraglider wing… regardless of the mode of transport chosen, the aerial ride is always just as exceptional. Thus, as soon as you leave the Megève floor, your eyes scan the sky from marvel to marvel. So get ready to take the plunge thanks to the many aerial activities offered in Megève and experience unique sensations alongside passionate and experienced instructors.

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Megève altiport: discover Megève from the sky!

The Megève altiport is one of the first mountain aerodromes to have been created. Located on the majestic Cote 2000 site, it brings together two main activities: flight training with the Megève flying club and tourist flights with the Aerocime company.

Approved by the Direction Générale de l'Aviation, Compagnie Aérocime has been offering since 1993 discovery flights of the Mont-Blanc Massif and its surroundings aboard a single-engine musketeer. Ideal for flying in the mountains all year round, they are equipped with large panoramic canopies offering a truly immersive experience as close as possible to the peaks. Thanks to the great expertise of its professional pilots in mountain flying and their in-depth knowledge of the terrain, take to the skies and fly over one of the most beautiful panoramas in the world in complete safety.

Discover the Megève Altiport


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