Although traveling with a disability presents obvious physical limits, many psychological limits are added to the suitcases: accessibility difficulties, lack of information or obsolete information, management of the unexpected, fear of the unknown... So Megève is present to inspire you, help you, advise you, relax you, inform you, pamper you but also to make you dream. Because nothing is impossible with the right equipment, the right professionals and the right information.

Megève, the freedom to travel with a disability

The ski resort of Megève, known and recognized for its many mountain facilities and its modern infrastructures, stands out as one of those where accessibility for PRMs and disabled people is considered important.

As part of its development and in order to comply with the law of February 11, 2005 relating to the accessibility of buildings for people with disabilities, Megève has for a long time undertaken numerous development works and equipped with adapted equipment. Even today, Megève is still pursuing its approach to developing adapted tourism by multiplying the facilities and initiatives allowing people with reduced mobility and those with disabilities to take full advantage of the resort.

Thus, by offering you a personalized welcome, specialized facilities and equipment, adapted infrastructures and a multitude of associated services, Megève helps you to make the challenge of holidays in the mountains not only possible, but also pleasant so that you, too, can take full advantage of the pleasures of the village.

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Accessibility to Megève is all year round!

Getting around a ski resort can quickly become a nightmare. From the cobbled streets of the village to the motorable paths of the mountain pastures, from tasty restaurants to welcoming accommodation, from sports facilities to public transport, Megève is perfectly accessible to people with disabilities all year round. Thanks to numerous specialized facilities indoors and outdoors, very regular snow clearing of streets and sidewalks for smooth traffic, even in the event of heavy snowfalls and a city center exclusively reserved for pedestrians, Megève facilitates all your travels, whether you be in a wheelchair, on crutches, with a cane or guided by a dog.

Served by a network of free shuttles perfectly accessible to people with disabilities, it is very easy to discover the village and its surroundings with ease and safety. Indeed, the Meg'buses are equipped with an inclined PMR ramp unfolded manually by the bus driver, spacious spaces reserved for wheelchairs, stop buttons at an appropriate height which warns the driver to descend the ramp at the next stop.

Restaurants, accommodation and shops in Megève are not to be outdone! While some are still being fitted out, others are already equipped with call buttons for the installation of a removable ramp, signaling strips for the blind or visually impaired, doors with vertical pull bar for a good grip, lifts, disabled toilets or even reserved parking spaces. And you still thought that having a disability and walking in the mountains were not compatible?

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