In winter, in the restaurants of Jaillet, it is the melted cheese which is on the front of the plate. Three grains of salt on a starter. An eighth of a turn of a pepper mill on a dish. No need for more, the cooks and the products have already done the rest. Because in Jaillet, the restaurants offer in winter a generous and convivial alpine cuisine whose products, local and seasonal, offer you flavors that respond nicely.

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Jaillet restaurants: savor the pleasures of winter

As soon as the thermometer drops in winter, the phenomenon of Savoyard specialties sets in at Le Jaillet. Especially since these recipes are synonymous with convivial meals where you can gather family and friends by the fireplace.

Because in Jaillet, the season of Savoyard specialties starts with the arrival of the cold, a bit like skiing starts with the arrival of the first snow. Although raclette, fondue or tartiflette remain the stars of Savoyard specialities, the restaurants of Jaillet are open to other equally delicious recipes.

If these dishes are now culinary weapons to comfort the taste buds and warm the heart after a winter activity, they also provide food for conviviality and sharing.

So at any time of the day, on the heated terraces or by the fireplace, let yourself be charmed by the restaurants of Jaillet which, as warm as they are intimate, welcome you like at home and serve you on a platter your most beautiful winter memories.

Discover the Jaillet in winter

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