"I'm bored", "I don't know what to do", "it's my turn, the iPad"... Who hasn't heard this same refrain during holidays in the mountains with the children? In Megève, we are committed to making children happy and parents radiant. And to do this, the village offers every year a myriad of new activities and participatory events designed especially for them. Something to keep them busy throughout the holidays and make wonderful family memories.

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Raquettes Famille nomade

Sortie guidée en groupe avec raquettes

Promenade en calèche et visite des écuries

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Souper Gourmand

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Moment Famille à la Balnéo


Initiation à la course orientation

Construction d’igloo

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Découverte de la nature en famille

Initiation balai ballon

Aperitif Igloo et raquettes

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Diner sous la yourte

Megève, the kingdom of children

In Megève, the Peter Pan syndrome is fairly common. And if the village has kept its child's soul, it's because it has the capacity to live intensely! Just like the families, in search of happiness and fun, who come throughout the year to indulge in many fun and unusual activities, especially dedicated to children.

A true land of families, Megève is a paradise for little adventurers and fairy tale lovers who come together to dream, exercise and have fun. Families, seduced by its sense of welcome, its gigantic playgrounds with infinite possibilities and its activities as exceptional as they are sensational, are immersed in a magical universe where children feed their imaginations with incredible memories.

Whether on the village square, at the top of the mountains or in the mountain pastures, Megève offers new activities every year that even adults can dream of!

Accrobranche pour enfants

Dedicated events especially for children

Seeing children's eyes light up, hearing their laughter ripp through the air, creating unforgettable memories… In Megève, everything takes on a different flavor! A true land of families, the Megève calendar, full of great fun and participatory events, ensures that throughout the year a program specially dedicated to children is offered.

"The Little Princes" " Once upon a time ", “The Christmas Village”, "Cook my Village" or " Festival of Old Trades » are all reunifying events where families meet to share unforgettable moments together.

Between comic shows, artistic wanderings, fun workshops and interactive activities, Megève offers fabulous events that delight children and charm parents.

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