After the Indian summer, here is the time for vacations in favor of autumn! The crunch of footsteps on the carpets of dead leaves, the crackling of the first fireplace fires, the picking of mushrooms, the chestnut hunt, the low lights and the flamboyant spectacle of nature bursting into flames: with all its trappings, the Autumn is the ideal season in the mountains to fill up on colors and recharge your batteries in the fresh air…

Antoine Barbot
forest mushroom picking

A walk in the forest or by a lake

At the heart of this season, as romantic as it is majestic, the postcard is close to the sublime. On your steps, everything is conducive to wonder. While the sides of the mountains are covered in red and gold, the Megève forests are also adorned with fiery colors.

Fall forest bathing is definitely the must-do of the season. From the rustling of the leaves under your soles to the smells of pine and humus on the paths: in the undergrowth, all the secrets and treasures of autumn are gathered to help you perceive the intimate and soothing sensation of an invigorating a walk in the woods.

Putting on a cozy jacket, venturing out onto damp paths to collect chestnuts and hunting for mushrooms, filling your basket with the fruits of your picking, here are so many simple pleasures that we appreciate during our family walk in the woods in autumn.

Unlike the hushed nature of the forests, the surroundings of the lakes are so many wells of light which invite the walker to take a contemplative look at a setting tinged with gold and carmine. True mirrors of seasonal excitement, these bodies of water are covered with multicolored spots, artistic and realistic reflections of a festival of purple and golden colors.

A sporty mountain bike outing in the mountains

What if we got on our bike before taking out our skis? Like walking, gentle or sporty, an outing on a mountain bike or electrically assisted bicycle always delights lovers of nature and thrills!

Lovers of elevation gain or motivated beginners, whether you like technical and sporting circuits or family bike rides, in Megève and its surroundings, in autumn you will find as many landscapes (meadows, old farms, etc.) to cross as in summer, while pedaling at your own pace.

From “Very easy” to “Very difficult” level, from Lac Javen to Jaillet… in Megève, the mountain bike area lists numerous marked routes accessible to all. This fabulous playground for cyclists is aimed both at enthusiasts of sustained effort and at those who just want to discover a preserved natural environment through leisure activities.

Accompanied by a professional or independently, set off to conquer the mountains on balcony circuits with always a breathtaking view of Mont-Blanc. Do you want to explore the best “single tracks”, learn to drive better? Let yourself be guided by a state-certified MTB instructor to discover all the techniques of enduro mountain biking.

In Megève, the mountains welcome you in their most beautiful clothes of light and the autumnal palette is available in a chromatic range of warm and comforting colors that puts red in the heart...

Visit a farm with family

Going on vacation to the mountains also means discovering local cultures and traditions. Because pastoralism represents an important activity in the Alpine region, take advantage of your stay in Megève to introduce your children to life on a farm.

Dairy cows, pigs, rabbits... from the milking parlor to the hay shed, we will explain everything about daily life on the farm and how a farm operates. Through a 100% educational visit, here is a free activity that will delight young and old alike.

Do you want to surprise your tribe with new experiences? In Megève, you also have the possibility of visit a sheepfold and a reindeer herd, an unusual encounter that is sure to bring joy and memories to tell when you return from your vacation.

And to complete this immersion in discovering the Haute-Savoie terroir, come and meet producers and taste their delicious local products, just before enjoying the pleasures of the mouth with autumnal flavors around a good table...

Welcome the change of season to take care of yourself

Are you looking for a cure for fatigue and gloominess to overcome the fall blues? Treating yourself to a moment of relaxing well-being just for yourself can help combat sluggishness and low morale linked to seasonal changes.

Sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, regenerating massages, mountain plant treatments, sea salt scrubs, bubble pools and hydromassage jets. A true temple of well-being, the Palais SPA is the essential address in Megève to relax and recharge your batteries after a day outdoors.

Inspired by nature and designed from organic and mineral materials, the different spaces have been specially designed to guarantee you a cocooning break conducive to relaxation of body and mind.

Discover all the benefits of these facilities to make this sensory experience a pleasant moment of privileged relaxation, while enjoying an exceptional panorama of the most beautiful Alpine peaks around!

© Daniel DURAND

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