This winter, you have rediscovered the sensations of sliding, played in the snow, explored the mountains on snowshoes or ski touring, savored a fondue in the heat of a stove in a yurt, discovered the magic of a winter bivouac under the stars in an igloo or driving a team of sled dogs. Today, spring emancipates itself in the air, giving reason to the calendar. We see the buds of freedom and carefree blooming on the branches and the grass turning green in our living spaces.

4 ideas to see the mountain bloom in 360°

Do you need a breath of fresh air and a breath of fresh air? In Megève, take advantage of the simple pleasures of the mountains to celebrate spring and its winds of renewal, through this tailor-made itinerary conducive to awakening the senses and inspired by the 4 natural elements...

#01 In the air

Have you ever thought of satisfying your desire for freedom by offering yourself a paragliding flight or a flight over Mont-Blanc by plane ? Have wings to be amazed and experience an extraordinary and singular moment of panoramic weightlessness. But flying is often the fulfillment of a dream.

Taking off aboard a balloon over snow-capped peaks and glaciers is like setting off on a world tour in the footsteps of Jules Verne, for a timeless experience.

If you prefer to take to the skies while feeling the wind rush under your wings, choose the sportiest and most immersive take-off mode: paragliding. An aerial sport that provides both a feeling of freedom, as well as a masterful moment of symbiosis with nature, without fuel or engine.

#02 Along the water

In Megève, while waiting for the resumption of white water sports, the waterways alone constitute so many points of interest to explore to recharge your batteries in the spring.

As the snow melts, the tumultuous torrents gorge themselves with water coming directly from the glaciers, in a joyful melody that gives a zen and intimate atmosphere to the postcard.

Escape to the waterfall of the Beautiful in the woods, a carefully guarded treasure in the heart of the forest, just a few steps from the village of Megève. Composed of crystalline natural basins and a 30-metre high waterfall, this natural gem will be the high point of a nature getaway.

© Lovers of the world

Spring or the awakening of the senses

The mountain is an extraordinary playground to stay on the lookout for all those magical moments that take place during the seasonal metamorphosis.

Touching the green grass of the mountain pastures, sliding your hand through the cool water of a torrent, feeling the wind caressing your face or the rays of the spring sun on your skin...

In Megève, in the spring, the natural elements awaken all our senses, as well as our desire for wide open spaces and freedom.

And because we all need to clear our minds and stretch our legs when nature is in full swing, spring is the perfect season to vibrate in contact with nature and indulge in a myriad of activities.

© Marie Bougault

#03 On Earth

What if you put your skis away to get on a bike? Lovers of elevation gain or motivated beginners, in Megève, you pedal at your own pace, while discovering a great diversity of landscapes and heritage curiosities (meadows, old farms, etc.).

From “Very easy” to “Very difficult” level, the many marked mountain bike routes are aimed as much at fans of sustained effort as at those who just want to discover a preserved natural environment through a leisure activity.

If you don't like to ride a bike, put on your shoes instead to attack the mountain pastures in the company of the herds! Every year, at the time of the mountain, cows, goats and sheep go to their summer quarters, a tradition that comes with a particular flavor, just as tasty as that of cheese.

#04 Fireside

Collecting wood, lighting a fire, building a cabin, making a campfire… Thanks to the nature courses supervised by our qualified animators, apprentice trappers live a unique experience, while becoming aware of the fragility of natural environments.

During these parentheses of life in nature, everything is an excuse for discovery and play: games in the forest and along river beds, in the company of domestic animals (pack donkeys or dogs) and observation of wildlife and flora.

And, because even at the foot of your home, these moments of sharing and learning are just as extraordinary as the descent of a rapid in rafting or a timed slalom facing Mont-Blanc, right? there the school of real life?

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