Immerse yourself in the charm of Megève, this typically alpine village where the sweetness of life reigns in the heart of its cobbled streets and where nature invites you to escape during beautiful hikes. At the heart of this alpine oasis, explore and admire our majestic mountains along paths, paths and mountain pastures where soft woody scents, caresses of multicolored flowers, gourmet wild berries, melody of bells and grandiose panoramas mingle for a complete awakening of the senses. A mountain of inspiration for François Deswarte, passionate about photography and poetry. On his Instagram account @megeve.forever, he shares unique moments captured sometimes from the village and often from the peaks. Enter the fantastic universe of François who reveals his top 5 of the most beautiful summer panoramas. Unmissable viewpoints to appreciate all the majesty of Megève in summer.

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1. The ridges of Mont Joly at Aiguille Croche

1. The ridges of Mont Joly at Aiguille Croche

Mont-Joly hike from Megève

At more than 2 meters above sea level, rub shoulders with vertiginous peaks with a dizzying 400-degree view! The ridge path from the Mont Joly pass to the Aiguilles Croches is undoubtedly the ideal place for photographers and lovers of beautiful panoramas. Between greyish rocks, green mountain pastures and small high-altitude flowers, venture out with family or friends and enjoy all the benefits of a hike in the heart of the Megève mountains.

Hiking idea: Mont Joly hike

2. The Road to Calvary

View of Megève from the Chemin du Calvaire

On the heights of Megève, between preserved mountain pastures, giant beeches and old farms, stands one of the most remarkable Calvaries in France. A true jewel of Alpine heritage, the Calvary is an unmissable site in Megève where calm and serenity reign. Between mineral and vegetal, this mythical hike has amazed generations of young and old alike in search of grandiose panoramas, tranquility and moments of sharing.

Hiking idea: Calvary Nature Trail

3. The Beauty in the Woods waterfall

Belle au bois waterfall in Megève

Not far from the Calvary, preciously hidden in the heart of the forest, hides a real treasure: the Belle au Bois waterfall! It is reached by a pleasant shaded path where roots, fir needles and orange leaves are strewn. Easy to access, the Belle au Bois waterfall appears unreal with its crystal clear waters, its small white falls and its turquoise basins, used as a natural swimming pool to cool off on hot summer days.

Hiking idea: The Saint Jean hollow & the Belle au Bois waterfall

4. L'Auguille for the most beautiful view of the village

Sunrise view of Megève from Auguille, Jaillet road

Walk the peaks in the first golden rays of the sun or crisscross the mountain pastures in the last orange hours of the day, feel the first warm rays on your face or watch the sun bow out... In Megève, the sun transforms the landscapes which sometimes light up of a thousand and one colors sometimes go out in a bouquet of copper shades. This walk, located on the Jaillet massif, offers you a warm, almost intimate atmosphere. So let yourself be enveloped by this magical head to head, like a meeting between Megève and you.

Hiking idea: Walk in Jaillet – Villard/Villaret

5. The summit of Christomet for the view of the Col des Aravis

View from the top of Christomet in Megève

Culminating at 1 meters above sea level, the Christomet is a mythical peak in Megève. Star-shaped with its many sublime ridges, the Christomet is full of magnificent hikes in the heart of the famous and impressive Aravis Range which, on one side offers a breathtaking view of the Mont Blanc massif, and the other side offers a magnificent panorama over the Col des Aravis. An ideal hike to do with family or friends to discover the diversity of our Savoyard and Upper Savoyard reliefs.

Hiking idea : The Christomet by Les Frasses

6. Lake Javen in the early morning

Javen Lake in Megève in the early morning

When the blue of the sky merges with the blue of the water, Lake Javen appears magical, almost unreal. As the sun slowly begins to color the peaks with its precious orange colors, the morning mist gently dissipates, giving way to an incredible spectacle. That of the water, calm and limpid, where the hundred-year-old fir trees are reflected splendidly. A veritable paradise for sports enthusiasts and contemplatives, Lake Javen is an essential walk in Megève, but is also the starting point for many hikes in the heart of the Megève mountains.

Hiking idea: Lake Javen

Continue your adventure to discover the many treasures of Megève! Bordered by three mountain ranges with dense forests, green mountain pastures and crystal clear waters, Megève is the ideal playground for long family hikes and friendly walks. Crossing forest paths, surveying clearings of blueberries, taking paths strewn with roots or traversing panoramic ridges, you will inevitably find hiking at your feet in our catalog of routes & trails.

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