Verdant and luxuriant, the forests in Megève cover more than a third of the territory. A real treasure of nature, they stand out as an essential place during your family walks or sporting outings with friends. Because under the imposing shadows of century-old fir trees, a whole world opens up to you. That of the forest and its infinite riches.

Take a forest bath in Megève

In Megève, the forests are not only places frequented by fairies, trolls and other witches. They are also the result of lovely walks in the shade of trees and happy memories with family or friends. Mainly populated by firs and spruces, the Megève forests, which occupy more than 40% of the territory, hide a most mysterious universe.

Because it is here that, preciously hidden out of sight, many animal species have established their habitats. Deer, chamois, deer, wild boar, squirrels, birds and many other game share these forests where calm and serenity reign. Thus, during walks, it is not uncommon to encounter some of these animals of majestic beauty and sometimes playful curiosity. In Megève, you never get bored in the forests!

© Daniel DURAND
© Daniel DURAND

let's wander in the forest

Listen to the song of the birds, contemplate the leaves waltzing in the wind, look for aromatic plants and mushrooms, smell the delicious smell of the undergrowth... Walks in the forest have always contributed to the well-being of the mind and to the strengthening of the immune system. Among its virtues, the reduction of stress, the increase of creativity and especially the happiness of being together, in the heart of a generous and benevolent nature.

If hiking combines the benefits of walking with those of contact with the forest, there are many other ways to discover its enchanting places. Whether slaloming on a bike between the trees, following the marked trail on snowshoes or flying over the tips of the fir trees in a paraglider, the Megève forests bring an exhilarating feeling of freedom, where the taste for wide open spaces is disconcerting and the stunning beauty of the place. So let's walk in the woods and happiness there will be!

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