At Cote 2000 in summer, nothing is missing. The green pastures cover the idyllic mountains, the eternal snows rub shoulders with the blue of the sky and the pretty chalets play with the forests of fir trees. Because at Cote 2000 in summer, luxury is authenticity and charm, nature.

Cote 2000 in summer: new experiences & thrills

Since the dawn of time, as faithfully as summer returns, sportsmen, contemplatives and sybarites meet at Cote 2000.

Established among fir trees and rocky ridges, there reigns at Cote 2000 a particular summer atmosphere, that of new discoveries. Nestled at an altitude of 1380 m, summer is marked not less by its flowery fields and grazing cows than by its multitude of activities and its mild sunny days. Despite its prestigious landscapes, Cote 2000 has remained an alpine district with unspoiled nature, authentic addresses and a warm atmosphere.

Whether you come to Cote 2000 to venture, meet up, surpass yourself or recharge your batteries, you will above all benefit from the benefits of a summer stay in the mountains.


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