Steeped in history, here the old farms and luxurious chalets harmonize to create a unique landscape. Nestled in its green setting, Rochebrune offers conviviality, proximity and serenity in summer. In Rochebrune, the summer spectacle is everywhere. From its dense green forests to its flowery mountain pastures, from its refreshing waterfalls to its infinite ridges, Rochebrune is, every season that summer brings, as if reinvented. A unique playground which, for generations, has shaped your fondest summer memories.

Summer under the Rochebrune sun

A land of superlatives, Rochebrune is a declaration of love for the mountains in summer. Athletes make it their energy, contemplatives make their photography and sybarites their delight. Because when you discover Rochebrune in summer, you love it and that's when you stay faithful to it, forever.

Located in the immediate vicinity of the village and nature, the dynamic Rochebrune district attracts in summer for its authentic addresses, its warm village atmosphere and its landscapes as gigantic as they are varied. While its still active farms and its Alpine architecture guarantee its authenticity, its shops, restaurants and accommodation are the promise of a certain sweetness of life.

Perfectly balanced between conviviality, activities and serenity, Rochebrune is the ideal summer destination for all mountain lovers looking for intense moments of life.

Influencer facing Mont-Blanc

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