What if you gave in to the call of gluttony? At Cote 2000, the restaurants are an invitation all day long to relax and enjoy the benefits of summer. On the menu: summer recipes inviting you to travel, sunny terraces where you can fill up on vitamin D, breathtaking views of the mountains and lively atmospheres imbued with conviviality.

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Restaurants: summer rhymes with conviviality at Cote 2000

Why go to a restaurant at Cote 2000 in summer?

To admire the devastating landscapes, the contemplatives would tell you, to recharge your batteries after an intense day, the sportsmen would answer you and for the pleasure of the taste buds, the epicureans would tell you.

At Cote 2000, the restaurants and their large sunny terraces are one of those places where it is good to stop in summer, at any time of the day.

Excellent conviviality-gourmet ratio, the restaurants of the Cote 2000 multiply the pleasures where colorful recipes, lively atmospheres and passionate encounters meet to punctuate your summer.

Discover the 2000 coast in summer

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