Want to try your hand at freestyle skiing? To test new figures or new tricks? To rub shoulders with the heights and touch the Megève sky with the tips of your spatulas? With the Megève Big Airbag, you can get airborne in complete safety without even knowing how to fall back on your skis! So whether it's for fun, training or surpassing oneself, the Big Airbag in Megève is the unmissable winter event.

Perform your most beautiful acrobatic jumps

Do you want to reach the heights? In Megève, your dream comes true with the Big Air Bag installed in the Rochebrune ski area! This giant air cushion, 165 square meters large, is specially designed for the safe reception of your acrobatic jumps and freestyle trials.

Initially, the Big Airbag was designed so that stuntmen could practice performing spectacular tricks without risking injury. Now suitable for use by the general public, the Big Airbag allows beginner skiers and thrill seekers to discover acrobatic jumping in complete safety.

Under the watchful eye of a technician and an instructor specializing in Freestyle, all skier profiles follow one another. From beginners trying to tame weightlessness on skis to amateurs trying to push their limits, from experienced skiers offering themselves new sensations to professional freestylers who have come to prepare for future competitions, everyone gathers at the Big Airbag to experience unique sensations, achieve exceptional performances and above all, treat yourself to a good dose of adrenaline!

© Christophe BOUGAULT

Opening dates and times

Opening hours from December 21, 2024 to March 30, 2025
Monday Open
Tuesday Open
Wednesday Open
Thursday Open
Friday Open
Saturday Open
Sunday Open
School holidays: 13:30 p.m. to 16:30 p.m.
Outside school holidays: 14 p.m.-16:30 p.m.

Contact information

Moutely slope / Rochebrune snow park
74120 Megève
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