The ski resort of Megève, as iconic as it is authentic, is a real playground conducive to both thrills and learning. Because in Megève, it's not just winter sports enthusiasts who meet on skis! Equipped with many specific facilities for beginners, ranging from dedicated areas to adapted ski lifts, the Megève ski area is ideal for learning the first sensations of skiing in complete tranquility and safety!

In Megève, beginners are kings

Although the ski area of ​​Megève is the unmissable meeting place for great skiers, it does not forget beginners! Equipped with many specific facilities, it is a paradise for novices looking for beautiful sculls.

Secure spaces entirely dedicated to the discovery of snow sports, fun areas with a set of games and modules, adapted ski lifts with reel ski lifts and covered mats, securing of sectors with beacon panels, specific pricing... Each winter, the ski resort of Megève has set up a whole system for beginners.

Perfectly secure, these vast spaces with a gentle and wide slope allow beginners to gently learn to ski, and more particularly to learn to turn, to control their speed, to manage braking or even to forget fear of falling.

And because there is no age limit for learning to ski, even adults are welcome! So for all beginners, those who are afraid to put on their skis, those who no longer know how to turn, those who need to be reassured or even those who have never skied, the beginners' areas of the ski resort of Megève are ideal for learning to ski with, as a backdrop, always a splendid view of the Mont-Blanc massif.


A wide choice of slopes for beginners

With two Snow Gardens located respectively at the foot of the Jaillet gondola (Domaine The Gates of Mont-Blanc) and at the start of the Mont-d’Arbois gondola (domaine Megeve Ski Area), Megève offers young people the opportunity to put on skis in completely secure areas.

When the first sensations of sliding are tamed, the turns controlled, the braking mastered and the apprehensions forgotten, it is time to leave the beginner areas to indulge in the pleasures of skiing on the slopes. With 43 green slopes and 63 blue slopes, The Megève ski area is the ideal place to set off to conquer your first big descents.

Easily accessible by ski lifts, the slopes with wide and gentle slopes cover the entire ski area from its highest peaks. Perfectly marked and completely secure, they slalom between snow-covered fir trees, immaculate fields and sunny plateaus, thus offering beginners real “great skiing” sensations, which alternate grandiose panoramas, friendly atmospheres and shared happiness.

As for the more daring who want to taste the pleasures of great skiing throughout the area, Megève offers a vast choice of red and black slopes to go even further...

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Fun areas: learning to ski while having fun!

In addition to beginners' areas, the Megève ski area offers many fun areas for skiing while having fun! Served by the ski lifts, these areas allow skiers to jump, turn, slide and above all have fun in complete safety thanks to fully equipped modules and games for more fun learning to ski.

Touch the target with your fingertips, shake the chimes, go under a tunnel or small arches, ski on small bumps, race, take your first rails... From the village of Lutins to the summit of Rochebrune (accessible by the Rochebrune cable car and by the Chamois and Caboche cable cars from the center of the village of Megève) at the Ours des Prés play area in Jaillet (accessible by the Ravine chairlift or the Prés and Pertuis chairlifts on the Ladies green slope), young and old skiers can perfect their sliding posture, improve their turns or perfect their jumps, all while having fun! Adored by children and adored by adults, these fun and educational areas are an unmissable mountain holiday destination where laughter, falls and friendly atmospheres form unforgettable memories.

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