The majestic Cruet farm, along the departmental road, proudly displays in silver letters: “Tissot Navarro Décoration”. For 30 years, Catherine Navarro has been at the head of the boutique. His daughter, Caroline Alric, joined him in the adventure in 2009. The duo developed a great professional bond, between mutual respect and complementarity.


The atmosphere is cozy and refined. A mix of wood, leather and noble materials. You have to make your way through the showroom of Catherine Navarro and her daughter Caroline Alric. In a corner of the Book, surrounded by a multitude of fabric sample books, Catherine took her place in front of a sturdy wooden table. At his side, Caroline.

Mother and daughter have had a common professional destiny since 2009. But it was Catherine, alone, who launched the shop, which has been established since 1987 on the Cruet farm. Originally from the South of France, Megève was first synonymous with holidays for her. After her meeting with a Megève, Jean-Pierre, she settled in the station, before creating her own shop.

There is an osmosis that I would not necessarily have found with someone else.

It starts with Savoyard folk art and antiques. Here she introduces furnishing fabrics, olivades, and hits the mark. Little by little, development projects are becoming more numerous and more important. She decorates houses and chalets in Megève, but also abroad. “ Little by little, the decoration took over antiques “Explains Catherine under the benevolent gaze of Caroline. It adapts to trends and its business develops. Being alone is complicated.

At the same time, Caroline, just a mother, asks herself questions about what to do next in her career. She then worked for seven years with Jocelyne Sibuet, notably participating in the creation of the skincare line Pure Altitude. " Mom wondered if she should hire, at the same time I wondered how to evolve “recalls Caroline Alric. His mother then asks him to help her. Caroline seizes the opportunity. " Between my ex-husband who is an antique dealer and me, it was a bit in his genes “Catherine smiles.

The duo works on construction sites: chalets, restaurants, offices… Their clientele includes prestigious names such as the director Claude Lelouch. " Our customers are loyal. They trust us, details Catherine. They were delighted to learn that Caroline was working with me. For them, it is a continuity that reassures them. "" Mom has been recognized for 30 years for her know-how, her qualities, her seriousness, Caroline list. Sometimes a few clients only want Catherine. I don't obsess over that. Decoration is also a question of feeling, of confidence. We go into people's homes, into their intimacy. A link is created "She completes.


Knowing how to adapt is what makes us strong.


The link is also close between the two women, between complementarity and complicity. "Caroline understands me right away," says her mother. " There is an osmosis that I would not necessarily have found with someone else. We go to trade shows together. We have the same tastes, we talk a lot. "" It's true that we make the same choices “adds Caroline.

Following in her mother's footsteps, she managed to find her place. " Caroline did two big projects that I never had,” notes Catherine, quite proud.

His daughter also developed IT and their presence on the Internet. It is also increasingly responsible for the technical part of construction sites. " The customers are very happy and I am delighted, it allows me to leave “Slips Catherine Navarro, often between two trips, sharing herself between construction sites, Megève, Tunisia and Provence where she still has ties.

What is their secret to lasting? " people trust me “, Analyzes Catherine. " What I want is for them to feel at home. I recommend them, while remaining in their tone »

« I adapt to people, to their tastes. And Caroline adapts to customers in the same way. Moreover, this one does not say anything else: Knowing how to adapt is what makes us strong. “Another proof of the total osmosis between the two women…

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