For the Morands, being a coachman in Megève is a family tradition. Today, Claude and his son Cédric perpetuate the gestures and know-how of this emblematic profession of our village.

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Two gleaming carriages, one blue, the other yellow, are lined up in front of a farm in the hamlet of Cassioz. Just behind, the boxes are lined up. From some, majestic horses emerge. Usually, they are harnessed to a carriage, ready to take a ride around the village.

This farm, which belongs to the municipality of Megève, is rented by the Morand family. At 24, Cédric is the youngest coachman in Megève. Claude, his father, is also a coachman. “My father Marcel developed this activity at the same time as his agricultural activity on the family farm in Demi-Quartier, explains Claude Morand. We continued this double activity. »

Horses, sleds, Claude like Cédric are " fell into it as children “, slips the dad. However, the latter did not turn directly towards this activity.

Being a coachman is a passion before being a profession.

He first prepared a CAP as a locksmith-metalworker, before joining a Gaec in Combloux. He then became a non-sedentary trader and sold regional products on the markets. Finally, family tradition caught up with him and he became a coachman. “ I still had the virus, smiles Claude. Besides, my two brothers are also coachmen, it's really a family tradition. We've always been in there. Cédric took the place of my father, me that of a friend. To be a coachman, you have to be passionate, otherwise it's not worth it “, explains Claude. Cédric does not say anything else: For me too, it's a passion before being a profession. »

The young man followed a straighter trajectory. " From a very young age, I have been passionate about agriculture, I have always been on the farm and attracted by this activity. “, he confides. He is also passionate about the world of horses. " It happened naturally. From the age of 14, 15, I helped my grandfather every weekend, it allowed me to learn. When he turned 18, his grandfather gave him his place and his horse-drawn carriage. Like every coachman in Megève, Cédric has personalized it with taste and is very proud to see the official plate of the Megève coachmen affixed to the back of his carriage. The young man divides his days between the farm where he takes care of 100 ewes and beehives, and his job as a coachman.

All year round, father and son take great care of their horses and make sure to give them plenty of time to rest. " We work with a horse for two to three hours maximum during holiday periods. It is then left to rest for two days. We are also farmers, our animals are our working tool, we take care of them! they insist.

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Megève is the city of horses and carriages.

© Municipality of Megève

Father and son also wanted to improve by following training courses.

« This allowed me to gain experience in the way of leading. To have a safer driving », Analyzes Cédric.

Claude is on the same line: These training courses included a whole theoretical aspect on horse health, vaccination, administration… It was very interesting. »

The duo works throughout the winter season, more than a month in summer and can shoe their horses at any time of the year if there is a request, such as a wedding.

It is not rare indeed that for this exceptional moment, Cédric and Claude are solicited. It must be said that a bond has been forged over the years with their customers, who are delighted to see the torch passed on. " We have known the parents, the children and now the grandchildren smiles Claude.

He does not hide it, he is happy to see his son taking over. " It's good that this culture is transmitted from father to son. Megève is the city of horses and carriages. Everyone talks about it and it is important that this tradition continues. The coachmen of Megève are the soul of the village. »

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