Testimony of the agro-pastoral traditions of the village, the "Race Abondance" competition brings together farmers and inhabitants around this ancestral festival presenting the most beautiful specimens of cows and heifers.

The princesses of the mountain pastures in the spotlight

Adorned in their finest finery, they parade, not without having been previously differentiated by size and numbered on their side, in front of a jury of specialists, often showing their character!

Formerly an agricultural fair where breeders carried out their cattle trading exchanges, the custom has slipped into a competition celebrating the pride of this rich agricultural heritage. Thus, established in the past in various places of the village, in particular in its heart, place of the resistance or the parking lot of the gendarmerie, it now takes place, each year, on the esplanade of the Palace.

A real moment of sharing around a village and its actors, happy to transmit the passion of their profession.


Make an appointment with the heritage and agricultural history of Megève

The Abondance breed competition will highlight the cows and heifers for a day in Megève. These mountain princesses will parade in front of an audience and a jury to try to win the crown. French mountain pie-rouge, the Abondance stands out as the fourth French dairy breed.

As every year since the creation of the competition, the village of Megève will welcome cows and heifers of the Abondance breed, from four municipalities: Demi-Quartier, Praz-sur-Arly, Combloux and Megève, all members within the same union, that of the Abondance breed.

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