Glacial waters, turquoise rivers, spectacular waterfalls, natural swimming pools… Megève has incredible torrents, rivers and lakes where it is pleasant, in high season, to venture out with family or friends.

Between glacial rivers & turquoise lakes

Megève has always been intimately and historically linked to its waterways. Endowed with a luxuriant nature where rivers, torrents, waterfalls and lakes abound, it is difficult to imagine that in the early days of Megève, then called Mageva, the valley was only an immense swamp fed by 12 streams and punctuated dwellings (mag) on ​​the waters (eva).

It is at the heart of this playground that many aquatic activities are offered at the height of summer. Among the most popular, we can find hiking in the water. Old sneakers on your feet, you have to slowly go up a river accompanied by a guide. A refreshing experience that can be practiced with family or friends in complete safety.

Although you cannot swim in Lake Javen, this private high-altitude lake offers a multitude of activities. Nestled on the heights of Megève, this precious lake offers a unique place, conducive to relaxation, serenity and… fishing! Armed with a worm, a rod and a bit of patience, let yourself be enchanted by a fishing trip in one of the most beautiful mountain lakes.


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