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A must-see event on the automotive calendar, this year this iconic rally celebrates more than three decades of history, passion and competition across the majestic landscapes of the Alps. Whether you are a fervent fan of motor sports, an experienced participant, or simply a curious person eager to discover a unique experience, this edition promises to offer you unforgettable moments in the heart of the mountains.

Discovering the 35th edition of the Rallye Coupe des Alpes

For more than three decades, the Coupe des Alpes has been an unmissable event for collector car enthusiasts. Created in 1946, this rally has preserved its unique charm and authentic spirit. Each year, it attracts around a hundred participants of different nationalities, representing a wide variety of brands and models.

An exceptional itinerary

For this 35th edition, the rally offers an exceptional route, crossing the most emblematic passes of the Alps. Participants will begin their adventure in Évian, passing through legendary places like Megève, Alpe d'Huez, and finally Cannes. Each stage is carefully chosen to offer technical challenges to pilots while revealing breathtaking panoramas.

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Legendary vehicles

The Rallye Coupe des Alpes is also a celebration of classic and sports cars. Iconic models, ranging from sports cars from the 50s to racing cars from the following decades, will take part in this adventure. Each vehicle tells a story, and seeing these mechanical marvels in action is a true journey through time for spectators and enthusiasts.

This year, the Coupe des Alpes will feature cars from the Lancia brand, famous for their rallying successes. Iconic models like the Stratos, the 037 and the Delta will be present, alongside other classics that have marked the history of the automobile.

Highlights and lasting memories

Each edition of the Rallye Coupe des Alpes is marked by strong moments, whether they are resounding victories, challenges overcome or simply the beauty of the landscapes crossed. The 35th edition will be no exception, promising all participants and spectators lasting memories and strong emotions.

Join us to celebrate this 35th edition of the Rallye Coupe des Alpes and experience an exceptional adventure in the heart of the Alps, where passion, competition and beauty meet to create an unforgettable event. Whether you're behind the wheel or on the side of the road, this rally offers moments of excitement and joy at every turn.

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