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The most prestigious and demanding cycling event that introduces you to the most iconic mountains in the world. Reserved for high-level amateur cyclists, La Haute Route offers you an unrivaled experience that will push you beyond your limits while immersing you in breathtaking landscapes.

An Immersive Experience

The Haute Route does not just offer you a cycling race, it offers you total immersion in the world of mountain cycling. Each stage is carefully organized to guarantee a racing experience worthy of the pros, with closed roads, full mechanical assistance, and premium refreshments. You will be able to experience the intensity and adrenaline of a professional race while benefiting from the logistical support necessary to perform at your best.

Epic Journeys

Prepare to face legendary passes and ride on legendary roads that have forged the history of cycling. Each edition of La Haute Route offers you a varied itinerary, combining formidable climbs and dizzying descents. The Alpine landscapes, with their breathtaking panoramas, will be your backdrop throughout this adventure. From the French Alps to the Italian Dolomites, each route is an ode to the beauty and difficulty of the mountain.

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Prepare for Adventure

Every year, cyclists from all over the world come together to share their passion, exchange advice and support each other. This international camaraderie is one of the riches of La Haute Route, creating bonds and memories that last well beyond the event.

It's time to pack your gear, fine-tune your training, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. The Haute Route awaits you with exhilarating challenges and unforgettable landscapes. Join us for a unique cycling experience and write your own legend in the mountains.

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