Perched at an altitude of 1 meters in the heart of Megève's nature, the Jaillet, which faces the majestic Mont-Blanc, plunges you into a timeless parenthesis in winter. While the district delicately puts on its winter outfit, the Jaillet appears to be transformed, immaculate. Bright and unobstructed, the decor then has something bewitching, almost unreal. Welcome to Jaillet in winter.

In winter, do what you please in Jaillet

At Le Jaillet, the intimate and calm spirit opposes an elegant resistance to other more lively districts of Megève. Here, nature and serenity take precedence over excitement.

Cultivating a calm and intimate spirit, the Jaillet plays in winter with its immense snow-covered mountain pastures, its large white-tinted forests and its countless panoramic views, including that of Mont-Blanc. Although it is the youngest district of Megève, the Jaillet is very popular in winter for its sports facilities, such as its 4S sled and its large ski area, but also for its restaurants and shops which, each in their own way, contribute to its unique charm.

A true hamlet typical of the Alps, it runs through the veins of the Jaillet a certain conviviality where affinities are favored and the pleasures of winter shared. Because here, in the heart of the Megève mountains, winter is characterized not less by its thick layer of snow and its immaculate landscapes than by its gentle local life and its many activities.

Jaillet winter slopes view of Mont Blanc

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