Like every winter, the Cote 2000 is transformed by the snow which, as delicately as a snowflake falls, tints the landscapes with white until then still nuanced with autumnal colours. While the snow clings to the branches of the fir trees, clings to the roofs of the chalets and paints the mountain pastures orange, the Cote 2000 shines through in an almost unreal enchantment. This is why every winter, athletes, contemplative and epicureans jealously come to indulge in the pleasures of this enchanting season.

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Winter sensations & unmissable activities

In winter, Cote 2000 offers nature skiing between snow-covered fir trees and immaculate mountain pastures. This hamlet, located on the heights of Megève, is home to an incredible ski area. At the same time accessible for beginners on the bottom of the slopes, it keeps all its promises with much more challenging routes. Backed by a vertical amphitheater, streaked with rocky bars and corridors under the summit of the Aiguille Croche, the Cote 2000 ski area is surely one of the wildest in Megève in winter.

Jealously preserved, although linked to its neighbor Rochebrune, the name of Cote 2000 is whispered in the ears of thrill seekers and mountain lovers. Just like its little corners of paradise, where its natural atmosphere is endless so that young and old can indulge in the pleasure of winter. The same will appreciate the sports infrastructures of the Cote 2000 like Paintball, the Altiport, the Adventure Parks and the fun areas of the ski area. When you come to Cote 2000 in winter to venture out, rediscover yourself, surpass yourself or recharge your batteries, you will above all benefit from its countless and unmissable activities in the heart of the Megève mountains.

Discover Cote 2000 in winter

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