Would you like to do a little Pumptrack tour? Consisting of a series of jumps, whoops and banked turns, the Megève Pumptrack circuit is aimed at skateboarding enthusiasts, scooter professionals, cycling enthusiasts and even rollerblading enthusiasts. Children, adults, beginners or professional riders, everyone has a blast on a Pumptrack. So let yourself be charmed by this fun activity that will make you addicted from the first laps on the slopes!

The Pumptrack, what is it?

Initially made in the ground in the 90s under the blows of the shovels of BMX and mountain bike fans, the Pumptracks are today an unmissable meeting place for fans of sliding, whatever the wheels!

On skateboards, bicycles, rollerblades, scooters or balance bikes, Pumptracks offer a closed loop where a series of "whoops" (small bumps), banked turns and large bumps allow you to make jumps. The principle is therefore simple: set off on this track and pump between the bumps to generate and maintain speed in order to perform laps on the track without pedaling or pushing!

Today covered with asphalt, offering robustness and allowing all wheeled vehicles to use it, Pumptracks allow you to develop a good driving technique for maximum sensation without taking great risks. Suitable for all practices, all ages and all levels, the Pumptrack is a playful and safe multi-practice activity, which offers versatility and fun.


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