Who hasn't dreamed of trying out curling, this sport that combines team spirit, strategy and precision? In Megève, this is possible thanks to the authentic curling rink at the Palais! Accessible to all, curling is a fun and friendly sport that can be played with family or friends. So get out your gloves and hats, and come and challenge yourself on one of the only three curling rinks in the Alps.

Discover the curling rink at the Palais Megève

Pushing the granite stone on the pearly ice, sweeping to keep the trajectory, brushing to increase the speed, communicating to reach the "home"... Still little known to the general public, curling is a playful and fun sporting activity where the spirit of spirit reigns. team and strategy.

At the Palais Megève, a track specially designed for this sporting practice welcomes you from September to April. 44,5 meters long and 4.75 meters wide, this curling rink is prepared every day with great care to be as flat as possible, in order to allow the stones to slide with as little friction as possible.

And like real curling rinks, notches (footrests) are fixed in the ice at the ends of the rink to aid in stone throwing. The target, also called "house", is also marked in the ice at both ends of the track.

In terms of competitive sports, the Palais Megève curling rink is an ideal preparation center for professionals and curling clubs looking for intensive training and athletic performance.


Discover the curling activity
curling track-palais-megeve
© David MACHET

What are the rules of curling?

Curling is a collective sport where 2 teams of 4 players compete. There is a pitcher, often the captain, and three sweepers. While the thrower sends a stone on the ice in order to get as close as possible to the target, his sweeping teammates rub the ice with a broom in order to maintain the trajectory of the stone and increase its speed.

Although the role of the thrower is essential, the sweepers will considerably influence the sliding of the stone thanks to their friction. The goal is to place it either at best in the house (target) or to knock out an opposing stone. At the end of each round, a number of points is awarded to the team with the stone or stones closest to the center of the house. The team with the most points at the end of 10 rounds wins the game.

More than any other team sport, sportsmanship is an integral part of curling. The tradition even has it that after the game, the winning team offers a drink to the players of the opposing team. So with family or friends, come and challenge yourself on the incredible curling rink of the Palais Megève.

© David MACHET

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