All year round, the indoor aquatic area of ​​the Palais Megève hosts the most beautiful bomb competitions, numerous diving shows, cries of joy at the youngest's first breaststroke and even speed records in the 25-metre butterfly! Equipped with a large swimming pool, a leisure pool and a fun paddling pool, the indoor aquatic area of ​​the Palais Megève is a real Eldorado for water lovers.

On marks, ready? Dive!

The Palais Megève, the largest sports complex in the Alps, offers you a fun and modern aquatic area all year round where families and friends get together to share the pleasures of the water.

Designed to meet sporting, fun and relaxing desires, the indoor aquatic area of ​​the Palais includes a 25 x 12.5 meter indoor pool with a depth of 2 meters, perfect for practicing sports swimming with its 4 swimming lanes, a 10 x 16 meter pool with a depth of 0.60 to 1 m, ideal for taking your first strokes and indulging in aquatic activities, and a fun and interactive 35 m² paddling pool, excellent for experiencing the first sensations of water and feed his curiosity.

Sunny all day thanks to its large bay windows overlooking the Olympic swimming pool and the Megève mountains, it is pleasant after the effort to relax on the deckchairs provided around the pools.

Accessible all year round, the indoor aquatic area of ​​the Palace meets all desires. So, whether you choose the sports version with the large pool, the family version with the paddling pool or the relaxation version with the pool dedicated to leisure, you will be like a fish in water at the Palais Megève.


Indoor paddling pool: paradise for toddlers!

Just like the first sensations of swimming, the first steps in the water are unforgettable. A refreshing touch, sometimes splashing, which seals unforgettable memories in the hearts of toddlers.

Thus, the little ones also have their paradise: a fun and interactive paddling pool where they can enjoy the joys of water! Specially designed for babies and toddlers, they can splash around, play, cool off and learn about the water in complete safety.

Under the supervision of parents, toddlers tame the first sensations of water and gently learn to swim in heated water. A fun and entertaining way to learn to love water.

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