Admire the fauna, smell the flora, taste the freedom... From dense forests to verdant mountain pastures, from snow-capped peaks to vertiginous peaks, from family chalets to convivial refuges, in Megève the spectacle is everywhere! Surrounded by a rich and remarkable mountain range, the village of Megève stands out as a playground for sports enthusiasts and contemplative people in search of emotions and sensations.

In Megève, the mountains are a source of happiness

Right in the heart of the Pays du Mont Blanc, Megève enjoys an ideal location. Protected by a large mountain range where green peaks, rocky ridges and vertiginous needles follow one another, Megève is a land of natural contrasts that give access to infinite possibilities.

From the charming alleys to the slopes of ski areas, a unique view is revealed over the precious peaks which envelop the village. The Mont d'Arbois, the Mont Joly range and the Rochebrune ridges attract everyone's attention. Its preserved landscapes, sometimes even immaculate, add to this atmosphere the feeling of discovering a preserved land.

On the right bank, the Jaillet and Christomet massifs also rise in a breathtaking view. The landscapes, cradled between mountain pastures, forests and restaurants, offer you a unique adventure playground. Undisputed reference of the French art of living, the mountain restaurants offer you incredible panoramic terraces where your eyes gaze at the surrounding mountains while your taste buds take in the heights of gastronomy.


It is one of those places where the magic of the landscape touches generations, as evidenced by the fabulous chain of Mont Blanc which offers itself from different angles and profiles but always with the magic and presence of a white cathedral, like a landmark that the 'we never tire of contemplating.

Did you know?

The choronym "Alps" which defines the whole of the mountain range appears from the 1st century BC. According to a first hypothesis, the origin of the name comes from the Gallic name "alpe", itself from a Celtic root, meaning "the luminous world, the world from above".

In the shape of an arc, the mountain range of the Alps constitutes a natural border between France, Switzerland and Italy. Shared by eight countries (France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Monaco, Germany, Slovenia, Liechtenstein), the Alps have 82 major peaks over 4 meters above sea level, the highest point of which is 000 meters above sea level. altitude, is in France.

Stretching over 1 km long and 200 km wide for a total area of ​​250 km², 190 famous alpine massifs stand out: the Chartreuse massif, the Mont Blanc massif, the Vanoise massif, the of Belledonne and the Dolomites massif, in Italy.

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