Water is to Megève what the oasis is to the desert. A real treasure nestled at 1 meters above sea level, Lake Javen is naturally a source of tranquility and a place for great adventures. Nature, sometimes green, sometimes snowy, offers a framework reinvented over the seasons where the absence of artifice and the seal of the authentic undoubtedly shape the benefactor landscapes of Lake Javen. A unique place where eternal snow, blue sky and turquoise waters contrast for a timeless break.

Javen Lake, a real Eden in Megève

Although Lake Javen is not natural, its appearance and soul are nonetheless unique and authentic. Built with the aim of supplying water to the snow cannons of the Cote 2000 ski area in order to create artificial snow, Lake Javen has now become an essential site in Megève.

Its turquoise waters, its green mountain pastures and its vertiginous needles in the background give it an incomparable beauty, where all the pleasures of the mountains come together to form a place as unique as it is iconic. Smell the sweet scent of the undergrowth during a hike, slip your hand into the cool water of the lake during a fishing session or let the sweetness of the sun revitalize you during a picnic.

A veritable Eden for sports enthusiasts and contemplatives, Lake Javen is the starting point for many hikes and offers a multitude of activities every summer. An ideal place to relax and take the time to live intensely, every moment.

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Lake Javen, capital of outdoor sports

At Lake Javen, we like to get together with the family to share a picnic, try a fishing trip with friends or walk alone in the flowery mountain pastures. Capital of outdoor sports, Lake Javen is the ideal place to enjoy the pleasures of the mountains. A real land of superlatives, Le Lac de Javen offers you a land of adventure as playful as it is gigantic where young and old alike can dream of bucolic landscapes, playgrounds and a gourmet restaurant.

Adapted and safe, the many activities of Lake Javen allow children to discover new sensations and parents to recharge their batteries on the sunny terraces. Easily accessible throughout the year, Lake Javen is served by the Meg'bus shuttles and has a car park a few meters downstream, before continuing on foot on a marked path. If in summer hiking is preferred, in winter access is mainly via the ski slopes of the Cote 2000 ski area or on snowshoes via the forest road. Starting point for many hikes, Lake Javen transforms every minute of your day into a promise of sunny escape.


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