A true land of legends since the dawn of time, Megève has more than one story to tell you. With family or friends, discover the history of Megève, its treasures, its roots and its exceptional environments. Between transmission, know-how, traditions, tales and marvels, let yourself be guided by the legends of Megève and discover all the secrets of this mythical village in the Alps.

Etymology of the name of Megève

Megève, formerly called Megeva, would be a deviation from "media aquarium", a Latin expression meaning "in the middle of the waters".

This expression would refer to the establishment of the medieval priory, then the probable core of the agglomeration, between two torrents: the torrent of Planay which passes behind the current town hall and the torrent of Glapet which runs along the Tourist Office of Megève.

To date, the first written mention of Megeva as a locality dates back to September 18, 1202.


The legend of the Flying Viper, foundation of the village of Megève

According to the legends of the village, Megève was founded by two brave companions, Muffat and Grosset. Fearless and courageous in peril, they would have saved Megève then tormented by a horrible flying viper monster, which devoured all those it encountered.

Legend has it that, victorious in the battle, they joined the native shepherds and became familiar with them. Together, they began to populate and cultivate the country.

The defeat of the monster spread outside and soon the neighboring Allobroges, whom fear had driven away from these places, hastened to unite with this new colony. And this is how the famous village of Megève was born.

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