Dominated by 3 mountain ranges and enveloped by numerous mountain pastures clad in white, Megève's nature looks like paradise which, at the height of winter, attracts a good number of hikers who come to indulge in the pleasures of snowshoeing. Because even in winter, Megève has many marked hiking trails and itineraries which, from the snow-covered streets of the village to the immaculate mountain peaks, allow you to explore the natural riches of Megève.

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Snowshoe route from Christomet to Col du Jaillet

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Snowshoe route From the upper Jaillet to the Col du Jaillet

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Snowshoeing route: L'Elise Allais

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Snowshoeing route: Pierrot du Col

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Where to go snowshoeing in Megève?

Born more than 10 years ago, snowshoeing is the oldest winter sport in the world. Used by hunters to move easily in deep snow, snowshoes are ideal for discovering the mountains and setting off on an adventure in the great outdoors.

Today, snowshoeing is undoubtedly the star of holidays in Megève! Delicately enveloped by immaculate mountain pastures where the blue of the sky contrasts with the white of the snow, Megève's nature has a look of paradise which attracts many hikers who come to indulge in the pleasures of snowshoeing on the marked trails.

Crossing immaculate mountain pastures, criss-crossing between snow-covered fir trees, following sunny ridges… In Megève, there are a good number of itineraries and marked trails where you can indulge in the pleasures of snowshoeing. Easily accessible and completely secure, they offer varied panoramas where you can stop and contemplate their beauty. Whether on a guided walk or following the marked routes, under the rays of the sun or under a carpet of stars, with family or friends, put on your snowshoes and set off on an adventure in the heart of Megève nature!


Be well equipped to safely enjoy…

For a safe practice, here are some rules and tips to consider:

  • For your comfort, wear warm, waterproof and breathable clothing, a good pair of gloves, a hat and protective sunglasses 4
  • Bring shoes suitable for winter conditions, i.e. high uppers, waterproof and warm (wearing a gaiter is a plus to keep you dry)
  • Don't forget to take telescopic poles, especially if you're hiking in deep snow
  • A backpack with water, food, the map of the marked routes, a pocket pharmacy, a charged mobile phone and spare things is also recommended

And be well informed to have fun with peace of mind!

  • On the safety side, avoid as much as possible going up the ski slopes with snowshoes, favor marked routes and trails
  • Choose a route that corresponds to your abilities and allow enough time to complete your hike: do not overestimate yourself
  • Drink, eat and rest regularly
  • Do not blindly follow in the footsteps of others
  • If you wish to venture off the marked routes, it is strongly advised to bring a DVA, a shovel and a probe as well as to know their uses.
  • Before you go, find out about avalanche risks and weather forecasts
  • Don't forget, the guides and mountain guides of Megève are at your disposal to accompany you during your snowshoe hikes

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