Although ancestral, telemark today enters the very trendy circle of new snow sports. This technique, derived from Nordic traditions, perfectly combines balance, precision and freedom of movement. From refined gestures to delicacy, telemark offers precise curves where the rhythm becomes a dance in complicity with the snowy terrain.

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Telemark: test the original ski!

Splendid to observe, this discipline is just as splendid to practice. Closely approaching the main lines of traditional downhill skiing, telemark is an aesthetic discipline where the heel, which unlike classic alpine skiing is free, rises to offer unique gliding sensations, closer to the snow.

Gently bend your knees, graze the fresh snow, savor the gentle and rhythmic turns, have fun with the terrain to become one... Telemark offers a unique feel, rediscovered maneuverability and real proximity to the track, much appreciated adrenaline junkies in constant search of new sensations. New equipment and new practitioners, by dint of bowing, telemark has made a comfortable and unique place for itself in the world of skiing.

Practicing telemark means playing with balance. Even if the loss is never far from it, it causes an excitement coupled with a feeling of intense satisfaction throughout the descent. And then even if you fall, our state-qualified instructors will tell you, "it's by falling that you progress"! Because if a certain mastery of traditional sliding is necessary to offer the real sensations of telemark, it is not essential to know how to ski perfectly well. So, ready to take a telemark lesson?


Are you still hesitating to try telemark? Here are 10 good reasons to try!

  1. Much more than simple alpine skiing, telemark is a dance in complicity with the ski slope
  2. It is a soft gliding technique, without impact and therefore without risk of injury
  3. It is an easy sport despite the repetition of the posture which requires more muscles
  4. Learning can be done in just one week
  5. Telemark extends the ski slopes because they are approached in different ways
  6. No risk of accident or injury: here no risk of cruciate ligament!
  7. Telemark is an ideal sport to maintain your physical condition
  8. The equipment is modern and comfortable, suitable for all levels
  9. It's fun and you will experience new sliding sensations
  10. You will enter the very trendy circle of new snow sports

Did you know?

Coming from downhill Nordic skiing techniques, telemark is recognized as being one of the oldest skiing techniques that we can know. Indeed, it was in 1868 that a Norwegian carpenter named Sondre Norheim, living on the edge of a small village whose county bears the name of Telemark, imagined and produced the first pair of skis in this discipline at the using two wooden blades. Here, the relief is rough, sloping and very steep. In winter, access to the village of Morgedal proves dangerous by means of traditional skis which do not offer sufficient maneuverability in the snowy hills. This is how Sondre Norheim came up with the idea of ​​building skis where you have to bend your knee to turn. To complete the package, he invented a wasp waist to facilitate turns and bindings in leather straps. 150 years later, telemark is dusted off by lovers of skiing in constant search of unusual sensations. There are also many telemark competitions but also world championships which have been organized every two years since 2005.

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