Taste the pleasures of off-piste skiing on the most preserved freeride and backcountry routes in the Alps. The joy of skimming the fresh snow and making your first mark in this abundant powder snow is within easy reach of Megève. Our ski professionals are waiting for you to slalom between the fir trees and help you discover the hidden treasures of the area, far from the slopes.

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Megève: sun and pure powder snow

At the top, far from the crowds and the noise of the ski lifts, you are looking for the perfect line. Not far away, the chamois are watching you. Under your spatulas, a field devoid of any trace, inviting you only to leave yours. Barely engage in the slope that already, the first feelings are there. Those of hovering above the snow, those of the powder rising under your turns, those of writing your mark for a while in this white paradise.

Like every winter in Megève, many experienced skiers will leave the safety of the slopes to make legendary tracks in immaculate powder. There are no marked and secure tracks here, the path is to be imagined. A space outside of freedom is then offered to you. Although the spots remain for the most part confidential, Megève is a compendium of off-piste pleasure: large curves in the immaculate mountain pastures, good skiing between the snow-covered fir trees, ridges covered in pure powder and for the more seasoned skiers, steep and narrow corridors.

So, while neophytes learn off-piste skiing on slopes that will allow them to gain confidence, experts will find an unequaled playground where they can cross directly above the cliffs, evolve in snowy forests or along the ridges to slip into a secret corridor.

Although there is something for all tastes and almost all levels, it is strongly recommended to be accompanied by a mountain guide, qualified instructors or experienced people.


Before committing, test your skills!

Off-piste skiing or freeride skiing is a discipline that consists of skiing outside the marked and secure routes of the ski area. Thus, its practice requires having good bases in alpine skiing and knowing how to ski in all snow or all-terrain, but also to be able to apprehend an avalanche rescue and to use the equipment correctly in all circumstances.

Thanks to the totally free DVA Park and free access located at the top of the Alpette, in the Rochebrune sector, train yourself to master the tools and techniques for searching for victims in avalanches. Whether it is to learn, to improve knowledge and skills or for a reminder of good practices at the start of the season, the DVA Parc in Megève is ideal for training in complete safety.

For all advice and additional information, contact the Megève ski area rescuers directly (Alpette first aid station) on 04 50 58 96 99.

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