From the edge of the track, you tell yourself that it looks easy. But then, once at the top, you are intimidated by the idea of ​​embarking on this great descent where there are successive whoops (bumps), small tables, large boxes and rails... So you gently circumvent each obstacle, telling yourself that the next times, it will be the right one. What if it really was? Thanks to our state-qualified instructors specializing in freestyle, learn to jump, slide, ride, slider and perform beautiful tricks in complete safety.

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Rub shoulders with the stars with freestyle skiing!

Jump, slide, ride, slider, turn, fly, twirl... Much more than a discipline, freestyle skiing represents a real state of mind combining creativity, daring and technicality, all coated with a good dose of sensations strong and sharing. Equipped with 7 spaces entirely dedicated and reserved for the practice of freestyle bringing together Snowpark, Bordercross, Big Airbag and other fun areas, the Megève ski area is the undisputed meeting place for all riders who like to fill up on adrenaline, whether whether they are beginners, amateurs or experts.

In a festive and friendly atmosphere, lulled by trendy music, state-certified instructors familiarize you with the modules, offering good advice and experience to help you achieve your goals. And if the names used to express the figures are different, the desire is the same: to have fun on the spatulas and to be enthusiastic about these freestyle spaces which remind all skiers, whatever their age, more than ever. , that sliding is above all a real game that we share.

Whether you are a curious beginner, a passionate amateur looking to refine your tricks or an aspiring professional freestyler, our ski instructors will accompany you in achieving all your objectives, from simple 360 ​​to double Backflip. So head to the stars!

© Christophe BOUGAULT

Discover the freestyle area of ​​the Megève ski area

The freestyle area of ​​the Megève ski area is the unmissable meeting place for freestylers and riders who like to fill up on thrills and adrenaline. Easily accessible by the ski lifts and completely free, the Megève freestyle area offers numerous equipment and modules of different levels to push your limits ever further.

Kick, rails, whoops (bumps), small tables, large boxes, Jib, wallride, Bordercross… Megève is undoubtedly the ideal place to practice freestyle skiing, whether you are a beginner, amateur or expert. While budding riders indulge in the Bordercross, experienced freestylers in the Jib area and professionals in the wallride course, others take advantage of a completely different posture, that of being curled up in a deckchair to admire the show.

Discover the freestyle area of ​​the Megève ski area

© Christophe BOUGAULT

Safety information: be well informed to practice well

The practice of freestyle skiing involves risks and requires a few safety instructions to have a good day:

  • Learn about the course, the modules and the equipment put in place as well as the level of difficulty of each
  • Warm up properly before setting off on the course
  • Do not engage if a skier is already on a module or course
  • Borrow modules adapted to your level
  • Read the signs carefully at each start of the course
  • Do not test figures that are too difficult / unachievable
  • Respect the modules closed and or under construction
  • Be attentive to other users: before jumping, on the modules, when traveling on the course, by taking photos/videos
  • In the event of a fall, evacuate the route as quickly as possible and call the emergency services if necessary.
  • Wearing a helmet strongly recommended

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