In Megève, alpine skiing is a matter of tradition. The cradle of skiing in France, Megève today benefits from international influence and is one of the most renowned ski resorts. With its 400 km of slopes over 4 massifs, its high-altitude restaurants at the top of the mountains and its majestic, breathtaking panoramas, it is the ideal resort for indulging in the pleasures of alpine skiing.

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Megève, the paradise of alpine skiing

Brush up against the snow-covered fir trees, leave your mark in the powder, slalom on a groomed slope, play in secure areas, have lunch on a sunny terrace... For more than 100 years, Megève has been the favorite ski resort of all generations who love to come together to ski, share festive moments, get together with family or friends, but above all create unforgettable memories of their vacation in the mountains.

As soon as the first snowflakes cover the fir trees, Megève reveals an incredible ski area enhanced by an immaculate setting.

It is also the ideal place to learn to ski. Equipped with numerous specific facilities and three ski schools, it is a paradise for novices looking for beautiful sculls and amateurs looking for improvement.

By the hour, by the day or by the entire week, on a contract basis, in private lessons or in group lessons, Megève's alpine ski instructors share their passion for skiing with you.

While the youngest becomes familiar with the new sensations of sliding in the kindergarten, the older ones learn to control their speed, brake and make turns in group lessons. Who said it was too late to start skiing? In Megève, the ski schools provide you with all the tools you need to start this practice with complete confidence, even as an adult.

From simply planting poles to technical slalom turns, Megève instructors adapt to your level of practice and your objectives.


Book your alpine ski passes now!

By the day, by the week, by the season or à la carte, Megève ski area passes serve a single purpose, that you can take full advantage of the resort's infrastructure and facilities all year round. year, whether you're on skis, snowboard, on foot or tobogganing.

Flexible according to the length of your stay, the activities, the composition of your group and the extent you want to explore, preferential rates for families and people with reduced mobility, free for children under 5 and over 80, groups or even decreasing rates, in Megève our packages adapt to your needs and desires! Whether you want to buy, book or recharge your pass online, for one, two or five days, you will inevitably find the offer that suits you in Megève.

© Municipality of Megève
© Simon Garnier – Municipality of Megève

10 rules of good conduct to adopt on the ski slopes

  1. Respect for others!: all skiers must behave in such a way that they cannot put others in danger or harm them
  2. Control of speed and behavior: all slope users must adapt their speed and behavior to their personal abilities as well as to the general conditions of the terrain, snow, weather and the density of traffic on the slopes
  3. Control of the direction: the uphill skier, whose dominant position allows the choice of a trajectory, must plan a direction that ensures the safety of anyone downstream
  4. Overtaking: overtaking can be done upstream or downstream, to the right or to the left, but always wide enough to prevent people being overtaken from moving
  5. At the crossroads of the slopes or during a departure: any skier who enters a downhill slope, enters after parking or makes a turn upstream must make sure by examining the upstream and the downstream, that he can do so without danger to himself and to others
  1. Parking: all skiers must avoid parking unnecessarily on the slopes, in narrow passages or without visibility. In the event of a fall, the skier must clear the piste as quickly as possible.
  2. Ascent and descent on foot: the skier who is obliged to go up or down a track on foot must use the edge of the track, taking care that neither he nor his equipment is a danger to others.
  3. Observance of markings and signs: all skiers must take into account information on weather conditions (state of the slopes and snow) as well as respect the markings and signs.
  4. Assistance: in the event of an accident, any witness or actor must lend assistance, in particular by giving the alert to the trackers / firefighters. If necessary, and at the request of the rescuers, she must make herself available to them.
  5. Identification: any skier witness or responsible party or not of an accident is required to make known his identity
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