And if this winter you test the biathlon? Accompanied by a qualified and passionate instructor, sharpen your practice of cross-country skiing on the 45 km of trails and develop your skills in rifle shooting. Whether you are a curious beginner or the new Martin Fourcade, you will be sure to hit the bullseye with this friendly and fun activity.

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This winter, test the biathlon!

On the edge of the track, you watch with passion the professionals training. Rifle in the back, their cheeks turn pink and their breathing quickens as they progress. Arrived at the firing point, the rifle leaves their backs to lodge in their hands. Then, closer to the snowy ground, their breath is suspended. Speed ​​gives way to finesse, concentration and precision. Bam, the target is hit! And if the next time it was you?

For several years now, biathlon has been the up and coming activity of cross-country skiing. Combining endurance, concentration and precision, biathlon is a very complete discipline which is now asserting itself as an activity that is both fun and sporty, ideal to share with family or friends. Thanks to the many courses and courses offered by Nordic instructors with state diplomas from Megève, you can indulge in the practice of biathlon in complete safety. Management of physical effort, control of breathing, accuracy of shots lying down or standing up, control of adrenaline, knowledge of technical terms, optimization of practice...

From initiation to advanced training, from half a day to a full week, Megève's instructors give you everything you need to become the future Martin Fourcade. So it's up to you!


10 good reasons to try biathlon!

  1. Biathlon is a very complete discipline that works on endurance as well as concentration and precision.
  2. It is a discipline that offers multiple sensations and benefits
  3. Biathlon is a sport that works all the muscles of the body and improves breathing capacity.
  4. Biathlon is a driver of your personal development: it is a discipline that requires good management of physical effort and good control of your breathing.
  5. Fun and friendly, it is an activity accessible to the whole family (from 7 years old)
  6. Biathlon allows you to challenge yourself and take up ever tougher challenges
  7. Biathlon is a discipline that is practiced all year round: winter on skis, summer on roller skis
  8. Many courses and courses are offered in all the massifs, from initiation to advanced training.
  9. No quality is required to start, the practice is suitable for all ages and all levels of learning
  10. It is a highly publicized discipline which has been on the rise since the French Olympic medals collected, among others, by its flag bearer Martin Fourcade.
  11. BONUS: an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Megève mountains, to share with family or friends

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