Flat on your stomach or seated, head or feet forward, solo or in pairs, sledding is the essential activity for holidays in the mountains. With many equipped and secure areas on the snow front, Megève is a paradise for skiing. So get on your toboggan and enjoy descents that are sometimes gentle, sometimes boosted, but always wildly sensational!

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Megève, a tobogganing paradise

Listen to the crunch of the snow under the passage of your sled, appreciate the fresh wind on your face, feel the snowflakes flying on your cheeks reddened by the cold, savor the snow which melts on contact with your skin... At the top of the descent , you are ready to go. Not far away, the children's laughter offers the most beautiful of symphonies and suddenly brings you back to your childhood. You then rediscover your child's soul when, launched at full speed on your sled, a feeling of absolute happiness takes hold of you.

Adored by children and adored by parents, sledding is the essential activity for winter holidays in the mountains. And it is not the toboggan areas that are lacking in Megève! With many tobogganing areas strictly reserved for the pleasure of sliding and an incredible 3 meter long toboggan run, lovers of sliding are kings in Megève. Entirely secure, marked out and delimited by nets, these toboggan areas are perfect for introducing the little ones to the first sensations of sliding while the older ones have fun racing.

After dark, several service providers organize night toboggan runs. A magical slide where the stars will be as much in the eyes as in the sky, especially after a delicious meal in a mountain restaurant or under an igloo! So in the middle of nature, under a radiant sun or at nightfall, in a toboggan, bobsleigh, plate, snow shovel or downright on the buttocks, tobogganing is undeniably the unmissable winter event in Megève.

Discover our secure and signposted toboggan areas

To make the most of it, a few safety rules must be observed:

  • Respect the spaces dedicated to the practice of sledding
  • It is strictly forbidden to toboggan on the ski area
  • The toboggan areas are strictly reserved for this practice
  • Do not use as a means of sliding equipment not intended for this purpose (garbage bags, mattresses, boxes, etc.)
  • Children are under the responsibility of their parents or their guardians.
  • Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended, especially for children under 6 years old
  • It is advisable to remove ski boots for sledding
  • Adapt your speed and handling to keep full control of the sled
  • In the event of an accident, immediately dial 18 or 112

“LaLuge”, a new frenzied toboggan run!

An extraordinary new offer has emerged in the well-preserved area of ​​the Princess: an incredible toboggan run on snow called Laluge! On a route of nearly 3 kilometers, the toboggan run winds its way through snowy forests, immaculate fields and sunny landscapes. Accessible by the intermediate station of the Princess gondola or the Mont d'Arbois then Princess gondola, the Laluge run is waiting for you! Practicable from the age of 10, it is the essential winter activity.

Departing from the summit of Mont d'Arbois and arriving at the Princess gondola station, the Laluge toboggan run is intended to be fun, sporty, playful and perfectly secure with its beads and nets on each side. Its very playful profile where varied slopes, banked turns and raised bumps follow one another requires real piloting of the sled. At the key of this incredible descent? New sensations cradled between laughter and adrenaline!

Toboggans exclusively provided by the ski area, ski locker, wearing a helmet compulsory (helmet provided), 1 person per toboggan

Discover 4s sledding!

And for those who wish to indulge in the pleasure of sliding without getting wet in the snow, the Jaillet 4S Luge offers an incredible cocktail of thrills between tight turns, passage under a tunnel and variations in altitude and speed! Designed on the same principle as winter tobogganing, 4S tobogganing is practiced on long rails, similar to amusement park rides. So comfortably seated in a sledge, fasten your seatbelt and let yourself be carried along in complete safety by the adrenaline provided by this furious descent launched at 36 km/h over 715 metres. As soon as night falls, the lights illuminate the track while the music resounds for tenfold sensations! A spectacular descent that leaves an unforgettable memory, to be enjoyed throughout the year with family or friends!

© Simon GARNIER – Municipality of Megève

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