This winter, Megève invites you to come and test new sliding sensations thanks to fat bikes, mountain bikes and electric scooters. Equipped with wheels with oversized tires that offer optimized grip, these machines are not afraid of anything: neither ice, nor snow, nor pebbles and even less mud! Thus, you will be able to criss-cross the marked roads and paths of the resort and discover, as you pedal, a grandiose nature and breathtaking panoramas.

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MTB discovery on snow

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Sunset mountain biking aperitif

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Mountain bike outing, discovering Megève

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Electric mountain bike on snow

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Electric mountain bike snack hike

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Collective electric mountain bike

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In Megève, it's not just skiing, there's also cycling!

In Megève, it is possible to walk the marked routes and trails other than by putting one ski in front of the other! Equipped with a mountain bike, a scooter, a FatBike or an electric bike with oversized and slightly inflated tires, set off on one of the many bike routes and set off to conquer the Megève mountains.

But before setting off headlong down the slope, you will surely have guessed that cycling on this slippery surface, sometimes frozen, sometimes soft, cannot be improvised, and that the potential for falls, bumps, bowls, bumps and other unexpected encounters with conifers is huge. So to test and enjoy this activity in complete safety, the qualified instructors from the States of Megève invite you to discover cycling on snow with passionate professionals and suitable equipment, where conviviality and shared pleasures reign. The instructors will teach you how to defy the laws of balance and gravity to stay on your bike, teach you how to absorb slips and master turns to enjoy safely, and help you gain technique and confidence to take a maximum pleasure. At the end of the day, you'll be a real snow bike pro!

While the practical techniques are different in winter, the equipment is indeed the same as the summer version. So helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and other protections will be your faithful companions during your expeditions! Because even if snow biking is practiced outside the opening hours of the ski area or on marked trails only reserved for this discipline, the slides, mastered or not, will undeniably be part of the adventure...


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