Hearing the soft crunch of snow underfoot, venturing into the heart of grandiose landscapes, observing nature under its thick layer of powder... In Megève, dog sledding has something magnificent, almost magical about it. Comfortably installed, let yourself be guided by the dogs who, excited by the prospect of a new day roaming the wide open spaces of Megève, pull with all their might making you spin at full speed in sumptuous settings.

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Baptism Dog sledding

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Sled dogs: an air of the Far North reigns in Megève

Listen to the panting breath of the dogs, contemplate the snowy landscapes passing before your eyes, taste the pleasures of strolling in preserved spaces, feel the power of the dogs pulling the sled, admire the expertise of the musher who guides the team, discover the relationship of complicity between the musher and the dogs... A dream that comes true in Megève! Because contrary to what one might think, you don't need to take a plane ticket to Canada or Lapland to treat yourself to a dog sled ride.

Samoyed, Malamute, Greenlandic, Husky… Before leaving, the musher introduces you to his little hairy family. Hello flapping tails and big slobbery hugs. Once the introductions are made, it's time for the ride! Comfortably installed, let yourself be lulled by the sensations where only the noise of the sled and the dogs accompanies you. Pulled by 7 to 10 dogs, the team led by the musher crosses the Megève mountains between snowy forests, immaculate fields and sunny plateaus.

Much more than a contemplative and peaceful stroll, the mushers instantly immerse you in the incredible world of sled dogs by explaining to you the complicit relationship with the animal, the technicalities and specificities of driving a team, and above all the respect for dogs. A unique moment of sharing between the dogs, the musher and nature. A Far North experience in the heart of the Alps that you won't soon forget...

© Alexander SHALAMOV

Did you know?

If the first clues seem to date the appearance of sled dogs back to more than 6 years before Christ, it is the Inuit, indigenous peoples of the Arctic, who would have democratized the use of these dogs around the year thousand. Trappers would have used these dogs as a means of transport by hitching them to sleds during their migrations. Quickly democratized by the Inuit culture, the sled dog was then used in the coldest regions of the world, particularly in the Arctic, where the harsh winters required suitable equipment to move around. Today, although still used for getting around, dog sledding has become an essential winter activity for lovers of unusual experiences and animal lovers.

© Daniel DURAND

The Great Odyssey: a race not to be missed!

As since its first edition 18 years ago, the Grande Odyssée is the unmissable winter event in Megève. And like every year, no less than fifty mushers will take part in this incredible sled dog race, reputed to be the most difficult in the world! Storming the snow-capped peaks, the Grande Odyssée Savoie-Mont-Blanc always promises great moments of emotion and wonder by making us live the dream of a unique adventure in a snowy and grandiose alpine setting. In a breathtaking atmosphere, the frenzied spectators accompany these high-level athletes who, for several days, set off to attack the large preserved natural spaces of nearly 20 Savoie-Mont Blanc villages. An unforgettable show to experience at least once!

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