To take advantage of the joys of sliding, nothing beats setting off on the skating rink at the Palais or on a curling rink. In Megève, all year round, ice lovers can treat themselves to the luxury of twirling around on an icy surface of 1800 m², trying out fun ice sports and taking part in convivial activities to live completely frozen experiences. So on your marks, ready? Slide!

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Skate under the stars

For generations, the outdoor ice rink in the village of Megève has been thrilling ice skating enthusiasts. Installed at Place de la Résistance in Megève, winter sports enthusiasts will be able to afford the luxury, throughout the winter season, of skating on an icy surface of 1600 m².

Initiations to hockey, Eisstock lessons, sliding assistance modules... Throughout the winter, activities and initiations follow one another to vary the pleasures of skiing and share, with family or friends, memories completely frosted.

While the sun completes the magical setting of the outdoor ice rink during the day, at nightfall snow lovers can indulge in a multitude of waterfalls and other pirouettes under a ceiling of stars with, in the background , the magnificent illuminated village of Megève.

Discover the outdoor skating rink

Olympic ice rink: on your marks, get set, slide!

Open all year round, the Olympic ice rink in Megève welcomes beginners and experienced skaters on its ice who can indulge in the pleasure of skiing. While the former can use the sleds made available to learn how to master sliding techniques, the latter can skate freely on the 1800 m² of ice.

60m long by 30m wide, the Megève Olympic ice rink offers many activities all year round: frosty evenings, sliding garden, initiation to hockey, Eisstock, discovery of curling... Whether you are a novice or a seasoned skater, these unifying and convivial activities are an opportunity to laugh at the hesitant steps of certain skaters or to marvel at the class of others, but above all to meet up with family or friends to share unforgettable memories.

Discover the Olympic ice rink at the Palais Megève

Sweep your opponents curling

A mix of strategy and dexterity, curling is a fun and friendly team sport accessible to all, which is practiced with family and friends alike. Little known to the general public, curling is played in teams on an icy surface that is swept to increase speed and adjust the trajectory of a granite stone thrown on the ice.

Each team of 4 players consists of a thrower – usually the captain – and 3 sweepers. This ice sport requires a certain mental and physical resistance. In addition to the game technique put in place, the game is based as much on technique as on the team spirit between the players.

At the Palais de Megève sports complex, a track 44,50 meters long and 4,75 meters wide is dedicated to the practice of this discipline. As one of the only infrastructures listed in the Alps, the Megève curling rink also serves as a preparation center for professionals and clubs.

Discover the curling rink

The Eisstock, the variant of curling

Discipline originating in Germany which is practiced in border countries such as Austria and Switzerland, Eisstock is a very old winter ice sport which is similar to pétanque, while presenting points in common with curling.

Opposing on an icy surface, the two teams are equipped with discs (the "Eisstöcke") with handles that allow them to throw them as close as possible to the equivalent of the jack, a rubber puck of 12 centimeters.

In Megève, the Eisstock is a group activity that is practiced on the outside skating rink of the Palace. Playful and unusual, Eisstock is one of the essential sports for lovers of sliding and precision, ideal to discover after a day outdoors in the mountains.

Try pétanque on ice

Score points with the broomball

Often nicknamed "broomball", broomball is an ice sport that was popularized in Canada, before building its reputation in the United States, then on an international scale. This discipline would have been born following an experiment of game of hockey-on-ice without skates.

In Megève, broomball is an activity reserved for groups which is practiced on the ice rink of the Palais sports complex. The game pits two teams against each other on an ice surface identical to that of ice hockey. Derived from this discipline, it is played according to similar rules and tactics.

The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by hitting the ball into the opponent's net using a broom. Playful and friendly, the ball-ball allows you to have a good time, while developing a game strategy based on team spirit and skill.

Testay the balloon broom

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