Some love it for its landscapes, others for its shopping! In Megève, the pleasure is undeniably that of strolling through the lively streets of the village and contemplating the refined shop windows. Between old institutions and new shops, the shops and services of the village of Megève offer you much more than a shopping session, they offer you your most beautiful memories in the heart of the Alps.

Megève, the shopping rendezvous

If the famous village square is considered the heart of Megève, its shops and services are its lungs. Many and varied, here the big brands rub shoulders with the small creators, the luxury boutiques are close to the authentic shops and the new stalls slip between the emblematic addresses.

Luxury shops, sports shops, grocery stores, beauty salons, art galleries... Perfectly established along the village's alleys, with their alpine architecture and elegantly decorated window displays, Megève's shops and services are the promise of great shopping sessions with family or friends.

Elevated to the status of places of sharing and conviviality, the shops and services of Megève invite you to meet the passionate soul of the shopkeepers who, with professionalism and good advice, meet all your needs and satisfy your desires. Speed, quality, proximity, efficiency, the shops and services of Megève offer you much more than a shopping spree, they offer you precious souvenirs, some of which are carefully placed at the bottom of your shopping bag.


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