In Megevan's high-altitude restaurants, your eyes will see the surrounding mountains and your taste buds will be familiar with the summits of gastronomy. Nestled at the top of snow-capped mountains or nestled in green mountain pastures, in front of a fireplace or on a sunny terrace, delicately savor every second of this interlude where time seems to have stood still.

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In Megève, your taste buds are close to the peaks

For skiers who have sore feet in their shoes, for hikers who have already heard the legendary phrase "you'll be there soon" ten times or quite simply for epicureans who wish to indulge themselves, Megève's mountain restaurants welcome you all year with gourmet and generous dishes.

In summer under the sun, in winter under the snowflakes, the setting of high-altitude restaurants is reinvented to offer you the best of each season, right down to the plate! Whether you climbed on foot, by bike, on skis or using the ski lifts, high-altitude restaurants all provide the same effect, that of comfort diluted with gratitude.

While your taste buds are exalted by the mouthfuls, let your senses rise until you rub shoulders with the stars, not so far away as that.

© Simon GARNIER – Municipality of Megève

Mountain restaurants: at the top of the party

In Megève, the party also takes place at the top of the ski slopes. Clinging to the slopes of Megève, discover these mythical high-altitude restaurants where, from the start of the afternoon, the sound of the turntables echoes the atmosphere. The terraces, which each year see renowned artists set foot on their wooded stage, then quickly ignite with the fine bubbles of champagne and lively dance steps. At the height of the party, these high-altitude restaurants are just waiting for your most beautiful wiggle in ski boots to go wild. So until the last rays of the sun, let yourself be carried away by this intoxicating energy which, through laughter and raised hands, resonates on the summit of the Megève mountains.

Did you know?

The first mountain restaurant was… in Megève! Dating from 1934, this establishment located on the Mont d'Arbois area is today the oldest mountain restaurant in France.

Already very fashionable at the time, The Wild Chalet, Alias Tangerines, welcomed many skiers who liked to sit down on the sunny terrace to enjoy generous and gourmet cuisine.

Now one of the most famous high-altitude terraces in Megève, Chalet Sauvage is filled with live music all day long.

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