A true land of families, Megève likes to pamper all generations. And restaurants are no exception. Here young and old alike are nourished by incredible flavors around a generous meal, adapted to the taste buds and to the portions of children.

Firm. Opens at 10:00 p.m.

McDonald’s Megève

Le Refuge du Calvaire

Firm. Opens at 12:00 p.m.

Brasserie O’3Garçons

Le Poom’s Megève

Firm. Opens at 08:00 p.m.

Coucou Café


Flocons Village


Idéal 1850

Bambini Megève


Pizzeria de la Taverne

Le Repère


Chez Marie

Savor Megève with the family!

Do you think it's as sporty to descend an icy black slope as to take your tribe to lunch? Are you convinced that getting them to love hiking is as complicated as eating making them eat cheese? Or that simply restaurant does not rhyme with child? Do not panic, in Megève spending a privileged moment with your family at the restaurant is child's play!

Here, young and old feed their taste buds with incredible flavors around a generous meal, giving rise to moments of simple joy, yet so essential. The dishes, adapted to the taste buds of the youngest with sweet flavors and to the portions of the growing older ones, allow all members of the family to enjoy the pleasures of eating in the restaurant.

So, whether your meal is taken on the edge of the track to celebrate the first star of your youngest child, on a sunny terrace in the village to enjoy its lively streets or by the fireplace to reminisce about the sweet memories of the day, let charm you with the inevitable atmosphere of sharing that reigns in Megève's restaurants which, too, have kept their child's soul.

Restaurants enfants
© Melanie Calcei

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