Seeing children's eyes light up, hearing their laughter ripp through the air, creating unforgettable memories together… In Megève, everything takes on a different flavor when you're with the family.

memory of children

Families find here a haven where time seems to have stood still... Hit the ski slopes, improvise a snowball fight, make their best dives in the aquatic area or their best tricks on ice... sharing new moments with your children are endless!

Little princes, Christmas Village, Frosty Evenings, Once Upon a Time… Events dedicated to toddlers are meant to be creative and magical! Without forgetting the activities and the spaces dedicated to them… Megève thus asserts itself as the kingdom of families where even adults catch themselves dreaming.

Symbol of this spirit, the village now has its own mascot! Bearing the name of Billyboste, this animal, with a generous face and shape, will undoubtedly become the essential companion for festive moments in Megève!

Watch for its silhouette, you will inevitably see it in the streets of the village or in any other place in the resort...

© Marie BOUGAULT – Municipality of Megève

Did you know?

Since 2017, Megève has been committed to a unique quality approach, which gives it and its partners the Esprit Famille label, a guarantee of recognized know-how in welcoming families. To do this, Megève has asked for help from its endearing mascot Billy Bosteu who, beyond feeding exclusively on children's hugs, offers them a multitude of activities and services adapted to their needs.

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