In Megève, each Savoyard specialty has its own history. Passed down from generation to generation, they have in turn shaped the great history of Megève. Cradle of Alpine gastronomy, dive into the heart of this rich heritage and let yourself be told, over Savoyard specialties, these delicious stories.

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Megève, land of Savoyard specialties

In Megève, summer and winter alike, the delicate aromas of melted cheese perfume the kitchens of the restaurants which invite you to do only one thing, come and enjoy a tasty Savoyard speciality.

In a warm wooded atmosphere, where the elegance of old mountain charm is perfectly imbued with modernity, let yourself be told, according to the generous flavors on your taste buds, the beautiful stories of these ancestral Savoyard specialties.

Most of the time transmitted from generation to generation, they are today the world famous of our gastronomy and its riches.

© Melanie CALCEÏ

Did you know?

In the past, the village was a place of passage for peddlers and churchmen. It takes its name “Megève” from the origin “Meztiva”, which is a derivative of the word eat.

Be that as it may, this beneficial stopover was a godsend for these travelers who willingly stopped to share an invigorating meal. In 1880, the Grosset family, who owned a coaching inn, prepared a dish called “matouille” in patois, which was like potatoes covered with a mixture of reheated leftover cheese. This stage allowed travelers a real moment of sharing and conviviality before resuming the road, satiated. A few years later, the fondue dish was on the menu of a restaurant for the first time… in Megève! Even today, between traditional recipe and revisited dish, the fondue remains a must in Megève.

© Daniel DURAND
© Stephanie IGUNA

A mountain of Savoyard specialties

And because in Megève, the restaurants are not limited to the Sainte-Trinité raclette, fondue, tartiflette, make your palate vibrate with ancestral Savoyard specialties which, symbol of sharing and conviviality, deliciously dress the menus of Megève restaurants.

Farcement, diots in white wine, rissoles, péla, polenta or even Savoy cake are all generous dishes typical of our region, made from products from our lands.

And as here one tradition can hide another, let yourself be tempted by a “little bit of genepi” as the Megève people like to say, which allows you to prolong the pleasures of the Savoyard table, however to be consumed in moderation.

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