Flowery crockery, open fire, cozy decoration and welcoming armchairs, welcome in the Megève tea rooms. These addresses, unmissable appointments of the day, bring together all the ingredients to offer you a gourmet and comforting break, out of time.

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The Golden Sun Chocolate Factory


The Bistro of Megève


From Salt to Sugar

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The M Restaurant


The OK After-Ski


La P'tite Crêperie




The Yurt


Poom's Megeve

Hotel restaurant


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To each their own cup of tea!

In these tea rooms, you can notably savor dozens of different teas, coffees from all walks of life and a multitude of hot drinks, such as the very popular hot chocolate in winter. And if hot drinks aren't your cup of tea, venture into the large collection of cold drinks with fresh juices or iced teas.

And for those with a sweet tooth who think that a drink is always better enjoyed when accompanied by small sweets, the tea rooms also offer a whole range of cakes, tarts, sweets and other biscuits, to enjoy on site or to take away. . Whether you are with family, with friends, your other half or alone with yourself, reconnect with these tea rooms and their gourmet breaks which, for a few hours, transport you to your memories of yesteryear, to the wonderful flavors of snacks at your grandparents' house.

© Cecilia GRANGER

Delicacies and cozy atmosphere

At the bend of a pretty little cobbled street, you will inevitably find a tea room with an elegantly decorated storefront and a nicely dressed window. During a walk in the village, in the middle of a session Shopping or after a day of skiing, Megève's tea rooms and their sunny terraces are an invitation to settle down peacefully to enjoy a beneficial break, always well deserved.

Pleasantly installed in the sun, let yourself be enveloped in this warm and intimate atmosphere, which can only be found here, in these tea rooms. As the winter temperatures reveal themselves, you will gladly leave the terrace and its soft woolly plaid for large soft armchairs, near the fireplace. Comfortably slumped, in these tea rooms the pleasure is undeniably that of taking the time to savor a divine hot drink accompanied by a homemade pastry, while watching the snowflakes twirl around.

© Marie BOUGAULT – Municipality of Megève

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