Good gastronomy, Megève has been cultivating it for a very long time. Unique, it is neither transportable, nor imitable, nor equal. Anchored in the veins of the village, it has become the unmissable event. Moreover, in Megève, in the gourmet restaurants, we no longer talk about recipes, but about works of art.

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In Megève, gastronomy rhymes with exquisite

Although France is the country of gastronomy, Megève is the Eden of mountain gastronomy. First source of inspiration, it offers gourmet restaurants a free and sustainable cuisine.

Here, local ingredients and mountain plants are the kings and queens of restaurant menus. From mountain pastures to forests, the Megève mountains conceal treasures that heat up the recipes of gourmet restaurants. Cooked, seasoned or varied, these prestigious products awaken and amaze the taste buds. From starters to desserts, gourmet restaurants are nothing but a succession of mastery, creativity and refinement which, together, form a true work of culinary art.

Between emotions and sensations, the gourmet restaurants of Megève are certainly worth the fork!

© Matthew CELLARD

Did you know?

To ensure you have access to quality and seasonal food, from short circuits, Megève has made a commitment over the years to favor local sectors. It thus promotes the products of its territory by supporting its local producers and artisans who, today as yesterday, shape the living heritage of the village.

And to continue to share with you these delicious recipes from Megève families that you love so much, most of the time passed down from generation to generation, it is now essential for the village to list them. Thus, in conjunction with the foundation for international cultural action in the mountains (FACIM) and the conservatory of French culinary traditions, Megève lists, preserves and archives these recipes, which are very well kept secret.

© Ludovic DI ORIO
© Matthew CELLARD

Be inspired by the stars

On the plate, the gourmet restaurants transcribe with simplicity, accuracy and sincerity all the beauty of the Megève territory. Sometimes, products from here and ideas from elsewhere slip into traditional recipes. A nice touch of exoticism for these gourmet restaurants which, once again, transports your taste buds into a whirlwind of flavors.

Whether they are starred, crazy, master restaurateurs, best workers in France, first or second, in Megève all our chefs make their tables a unique place where the dishes are celebrated and the taste buds challenged. In Megève, gourmet restaurants have leaders at the top!

Rhythmed by the seasons, let yourself be transported by a free and daring cuisine which, from the first bite, immerses you in the Megève mountains, an infinite source of inspiration. Far beyond a simple meal, in Megève the starred chefs offer you discovery, astonishment and wonder, down to the last crumb.

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